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Texas Tech Recruiting By The Numbers

The 2016 class should be a full class of 25 commits. Let's look at how those numbers breakout.

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Today we break down the 2016 recruiting class needs from a positional standpoint. Based on the spring roster, here is where we stand at each position.

Parentheses indicate the number of players graduating at this position after the 2015 season and incoming freshman arriving in the fall.

QB: 5 (0 Graduating / 0 Incoming) - This is one of two positions of emphasis for me in the 2016 class. Since the coaches decided not to take one in the 2015 class after getting left at the alter in December, a 2016 quarterback commit is a must. There is not way to go 2 recruiting cycles without a taking one. Projected No. Of Commits - 1

Running Back: 9 (2 Graduating / 1 Incoming) - The strongest position group gets stronger in the fall when Corey Dauphine arrives on campus. We have one 2016 RB verbally committed to us already, Da'Leon Ward out of Dallas Skyline. I would expect one more RB commit if the coaches find the right fit. Projected No. Of Commits - 2

Receiver: 13 (2 Graduating / 6 Incoming) - This is the most interesting position because after next season because we have 17 receivers on our roster and Coach Morris has talked about the possibility of adding 4 to 5 with this recruiting class. That is asinine in my opinion. They have talked about the lack of talent at this position, but you cannot have over 25% of your available scholarships wrapped up in one position. Currently Tech as a TE verbally committed, Donte Coleman out of Mesquite. In reality, I think they should look at adding 2 more at most. Projected No. Of Commits - 3

Offensive Lineman: 10 (4 Graduating / 6 Incoming) - The recent addition of Paul Stawarz will hopefully provide some much needed depth next season because OL is an extremely thin position. He is included in the 6 incoming number above, as he will be here in the fall. My hope is that we can redshirt the entire incoming freshman class and Stawarz is good enough to play next season. The coaches are trying to add another JUCO OL who can be here this fall. Regardless, we will still need a big OL class next year. I would hope for another 3 to 4 high school lineman to add to our most recent commit from Lubbock Coronado, offensive tackle Emoree Giddens. Projected No. Of Commits - 5

Defensive Lineman: 12 (6 Graduating / 1 Incoming) - Thin, thin, thin...We will have only 7 bodies after the 2015 season. This is the one position we will have to look for help in the JUCO ranks. I would love to see us add 2 to 3 JUCOs and 3 to 4 high school kids. DL has always been a tough position for us to recruit at the high school level. I think we did well with Fehoko and Washington this year in the high school ranks. We need to double that next season. Projected No. Of Commits - 6

Linebacker: 14 (5 Graduating / 1 Incoming) - I would have like to see us have taken 2 or 3 linebackers in the 2015 recruiting class. Although there will be 10 guys returning, only 5 are legitimate players. I think we need to take 3 to 4 linebackers this recruiting cycle. Projected No. Of Commits - 4

Defensive Bank: 16 (2 Graduating / 3 Incoming) - You can see by the numbers we have plenty of guys at this spot. However we still need to take 3 to 4 DBs this class. This last thing we need to do is create a void by not taking enough guys. We have a Rivals 250 recruit verbally committed, Collin Wilder from Katy. Projected No. Of Commits - 4

The final commit numbers can always be worked and massaged to get close to a full class of 25 players most years. This year we have 21 players graduating and we left a handful of available scholarships on the table last year, so we shouldn't have a problem having a full class available. Let's hope we get to 25 with a emphasis on guys who work in the trenches and a QB.