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See You Later, But Not Goodbye

The staff of Viva The Matadors will be leaving for a new site, Staking The Plains, so this is see you later, but not goodbye.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Today is my last day at Viva The Matadors. This all happened so suddenly for me and so I'm sure that I'll stumble and mumble my way through this thing.

First things first. I'm not quitting blogging. I think I still have a handful of good blogging years left, although I'm admittedly not in the prime of my career. I will be blogging at a new website called Staking the Plains. I'm still blogging all things Texas Tech, I've just decided to do this on my own along with the entire current staff of Viva The Matadors.  We hope you join us. But this post won't be about what I'm going to be doing, but to thank the people who have helped me along the way.

It starts with you. Seriously. Every single one of you. Thank you so much for even spending a second on Viva The Matadors. I would not be adopting a second child if it wasn’t for you and you just can't even imagine what that means to me and my family. I bring myself to tears just thinking about how a group of people, most of them I've never met, helped me adopt a child from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Try explaining that story sometime at a party.

Our child in the Democratic Republic of Congo is officially our child and he has our last name and everything, but he is stuck in the DRC (as is every child who has been legally adopted in the DRC since September of 2013) until such time that the government in the DRC decides to issue exit visas to permit these children to come home. Our son is our responsibility and we must pay for his care and it isn't cheap. As a family, we're going to be fine, but writing and blogging is the one thing I know how to do to make some extra money. I am probably foolish for thinking that I can do better, but I hope I can make more money selling advertising to local businesses in Lubbock with the thought that I can better supplement my income and I would like to be able to pay the other writers something for their efforts.

I want to thank the staff because this move wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have a team of talented writers. Thank you.

I also want to thank every blogger who has traded questions and answers with me or interacted with me in any way. I'll still be available to correspond with you, I'll just be at a different location. I'd like to thank everyone at SB Nation, especially Tyler Beszinski and Peter Bean.

If you’re interested in writing for and taking over Viva The Matadors, contact