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Texas Tech Hoops | Team Morale

After hitting a losing spurt many fans are ready to throw in the towel on Texas Tech basketball this season. Remember, the Red Raiders have been in this spot before, and have overcome the struggles to pull off some amazing wins in the past.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

From the LAJ...

Texas Tech has lost five of its last six games by an average of 16.6 points.

In Big 12 play, the Red Raiders are 0-3 against Top 25 teams, losing 70-61 to Texas, 78-67 to West Virginia and 86-54 at Kansas.

“We haven’t been in any of them,” Red Raiders coach Tubby Smith said. “The last outing was really a debacle. As far as our morale, we came back (Sunday) and had a film session. We’ll see how they do (Monday) afternoon. ... We’re a better team. We just need to play the right way.”

Every season seems to be a roller coaster with Texas Tech when they enter Big 12 play. Last year we lost the first three Big 12 games and then went on a 2-0 win streak, 0-3 losing spurt, and back on a 3-0 winning streak. So, a thing to remember is that the wheels are not falling off yet for this season. Anything can happen.

I think our coaching staff is strong, and the mentality of our players is even stronger when it comes to focusing on the next game and not worrying about our overall record. Even though losing confidence is a fear that many fans have, I do not think it has made its way into the Red Raiders locker room just yet.

Let's see how our team responds to the losses over the next few games before opening the can of worrying about having a "bad" season. Struggles and growing pains were expected to be a part of this young squads season. But, there have also been flashes of a team that can be exiting to watch when things are falling our way.

Krista Pirtle wrote about how the Tech team is needing to focus on defense to win games...

Averaging only 59.0 points per game in Big 12 play, Texas Tech won’t win games by simply outscoring its opponents.

Through three league games, the Red Raiders have given up a conference-worst 78.0 points per game. The next lowest in the Big 12 is West Virginia at 69.3.

Texas Tech’s defense needs to improve, and quickly, for the Red Raiders to get back in the win column.

To expound on that idea, I would really like to see Tech run more full and half-court press defense. We have enough bodies on the bench to get minutes in the game that we should not get tired out if we turn up the pressure and go all out on D for most of the game.

If we can not get the ball in the basket then defense is the only way for the Red Raiders to keep the game in distance enough to grab some victories. I'm sure Tubby Smith is doing all he can to make gameplans with this in mind. Time will tell what we are made of and changes will be made with the lineup to get us back on track.

It is not in Tubby Smith's nature to give up. Nor is it the nature for Texas Tech to give up when the going gets tough. Let's get behind this team and cheer them onto victory and get our spark back that we started the season with. Our ship has not been sunk yet. Wreck 'em Tech!