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Red Raider Gridiron: Recapping Iowa Sate; DeAndre Washington's Big Day

We look back one last time to the Iowa State win as we round up the articles about the game and we start looking forward to the Baylor Bears.

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Here we go. We round up the various articles from the LAJ and a few other weekly stops.

Relying on Running Backs. LAJ's Don Williams writes about how the running backs led the team on Saturday, including some thoughts on RB DeAndre Washington and RB Kenny Williams:

Years from now, when they're talking about this sub-.500 season, they can say they gave it their best when it didn't seem to matter. Not that Washington is much for bragging on himself, even being Tech's first 1,000-rusher in 16 years.

"It definitely feels good, more so for the linemen," he said.

Williams is cut from similar cloth.

Right after he scored the winning touchdown, Williams couldn't suppress the joy. He did a spinning karate kick. Nice move for a 228-pound guy. People are going to talk about that.

Know what impressed me more than that? Williams was the first guy down on the ensuing kickoff to make another special teams tackle.

With four touches Saturday, which is about his norm these days, Williams could have started pouting weeks ago about his reduced role. Instead, he deserved a game ball.

"You can't say enough about that kid," Kingsbury said. "He didn't want to have a senior year this way, not going to a bowl game and switching back to offense. He hasn't complained, hasn't whined. Just works his butt off and continues to make plays for his teammates."

Reason to Celebrate. LAJ's Nicholas Talbot writes about how the team has a reason to celebrate:

"That's why you play (Division I) football, especially going on the road and beating Big 12 teams," junior running back DeAndre Washington said. "We knew it was going to be a good game, going back and forth. It was fun. It was going to be a battle. And we knew it was going to come down to who had the ball last."

In the end, it was Texas Tech in the victory formation; Mahomes taking a couple of knees to run out clock.

The Red Raiders may not feel the same way when they are sitting home over the holidays, watching other teams play in bowl games.

But for one Saturday in Iowa, the confusion, dismay and sorrow of a lackluster season is gone.

And the Red Raiders - even if it is just for a moment - are feeling pretty good.

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