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Red Raider Gridiron: Wallerstedt Releases Statement; Report: UT Source Confirms

Former Texas Tech defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt releases a statement about passing around Texas Tech's defensive signals and a Texas Longhorn source confirms that Texas was first to call Kingsbury.

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Smith Takes Aim at Wallerstedt. Defensive coordinator Mike Smith who just lets loose about the allegations that former defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt passed around Texas Tech's defensive signals to Texas Tech's opponents. Quotes from Smith are from the LAJ:

"They have," Smith said. "They have been passed around. ... I know other coaches have called and our signals have been passed around the whole time. All I know is karma's a bad deal.

"I don't want to get into what's going on with all that, but it's not right and, to me, it's not fair to the kids. So if that's how that person wants to handle business, they can handle business that way. I sure hope I don't run into him anytime soon."

Oh, and Smith continues:

Asked to what extent he believed the Red Raiders had been affected, Smith said, "I think it affects you. I hate having excuses. I won't have excuses, but when somebody knows when you're in a certain coverage every time, so I'm sitting there thinking, ‘How the heck are they attacking our corners?' ‘How do they know we're not in quarter-quarter-halves?' ‘How do they know we're not in cover two?'

"I mean, it's ridiculous. I just thought we're having a string of bad luck."

Smith confirms, that he's not making excuses and even has a light-hearted joke about it not mattering all that much against Oklahoma as Texas Tech couldn't stop the Sooners, but confirms that it does affect you.

Wallerstedt Fires Back. We'll use the DMN, for Wallerstedt's comments, but here goes

"I have not shared with anyone the Red Raiders defensive signals," according to comments attributed to Wallerstedt in the email. "I respect the players at Texas Tech and would never do such a thing."

Wallerstedt went on to say: "It sounds like something that's done in the political arena - blaming someone else for what you now control. Coach Kingsbury and Smith would do well to simply execute their own game plan instead of trying to blame others for what may be their own shortcomings."

West added that his client "would not stand idly by and allow such unfounded attacks to continue." Wallerstedt will not be available for further comment, the statement concludes.

Here's the deal, and the last sentence is the kicker for me, is that if Wallerstedt was really concerned about his reputation, he's release more than just a statement.  The kicker for Wallerstedt is below, and confirms what we learned yesterday (especially if you read the comments!).

Report - Source Confirms Texas Coaching Staff Called Kingsbury:

And I've got no problem with Vance Bedford or Charlie Strong waiting until after the game to tell Kingsbury, because, well, how would you know that it's accurate.

Hey, Coach Wallerstedt . . . click.

Miscellaneous. We'll let MeestahRogers get to the quarterback situation with his weekly Pullquotes, but just wanted to mention that head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that the quarterback competition is wide open and to no one's surprise, Kingsbury won't name a starter until Saturday . . . via the AmesTribune, QB Sam Richardson is expected to get the start against Texas Tech . . . also via the AmesTribune, Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads says that this has been a disappointing season for the Cyclones . . . SAEN's Tim Griffin with his Big 12 power rankings . . .