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10 Thoughts on Texas Tech vs UTEP

The game is over, so what do we think?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I had some things going on after the game on Saturday, so I didn't get a chance to post my ten overreactions but still wanted to give you some of my thoughts. Some of these I covered in the podcast yesterday, so for those who listened a few of these maybe repetitive.

  1. This game left me with the best feeling about this team since the Arizona State bowl game from the 2013 season. The offense was clicking and the defense was fairly solid minus a couple of big plays. If you take away the 91-yard run from Jones, we held them to under 400 yards of offense.
  2. We saw an improvement in penalties from the Sam Houston game. We had only four penalties versus UTEP and are averaging 7.0/game. Last season we averaged 9.33/game and were called for four penalties versus Kansas which was a our lowest total of the season.
  3. We are ranked #6 in turnover margin and #3 in turnovers nationally. #feelsgoodman
  4. My biggest concerns with this team through two games are missed tackles and the offensive line. While we were in position to make a play on almost every play Saturday, we missed a bunch of tackles. Secondly the offensive line doesn't seem to be as solid as I had hoped. They have tried several different combinations on the right side of the line, but there has been consistent pressure on Mahomes.
  5. Dakota Allen looked like our best linebacker for quite a bit of the game yesterday. I hope we see more of him this week.
  6. Mahomes is still Mahomes-ing! He looked really good again. He missed a couple of deep shots along the way, but you can't catch a fish if you don't fish. And oh yeah, DeAndre Washington is pretty good.
  7. Jakeem Grant looks like a new player. Through two games he is our best receiver. He looked good last year at times, but looks way better this season. Is it just me?
  8. Take the 91-yarder away from Jones and he rushed 16 times for 48 yards. If we can do that against Arkansas this week, we will be in business.
  9. I mentioned in Friday's article the storyline for this week was "Build." We needed to build off of a win against Sam Houston where we didn't play our best. That is exactly what we did. The game wasn't perfect, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.
  10. Special teams were again solid. I know it is boring to repeat that again this week, but it is only boring until it costs you a game. ESPN has us ranked #32 in special teams efficiency. Last year we ranked #107.

How does everyone feel about the Arkansas game now? One week can make a big difference. Even if we take a step back this week, I feel like we can be a good team. I didn't feel that way after two games last season.