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Recruiting on the South Plains | 2014 OL Justin Murphy Commits to Texas Tech

Belton offensive lineman Justin Murphy commits to Texas Tech and is the 13th commitment for the 2014 class.

Michael Dodge

PLAYER: Justin Murphy

POSITION: Offensive Line
HEIGHT: 6'8"
FORTY: 5.30
HIGH SCHOOL: Belton (Belton, TX)
VIDEO: Clip 1
RECRUITING SERVICES: Rivals 5.4 | Scout N/R | ESPN N/R | 24/7 Sports 83
VTM PROFILE DATE: June 10, 2013

OFFERS | Central Arkansas, Houston, New Mexico, North Texas, Rice, SMU, Texas St., Texas Tech

STATS | Nope.


"I've known in my heart that I've wanted to commit for a long time. Texas Tech is where I want to be as an offensive lineman. It's crazy. I wanted to commit because I know there are a limited number of spots, and I know that's where I want to be. I just had to talk it over. I talked to the coaches, my mom, my dad, my grandparents, and I guess that today is as good of a day as any."

There's more there, so go check out that RRS link. It's free, so that's why I'm linking to it.

SCOUTING REPORT | Lots of folks have been clamoring for big offensive linemen, so now you get your wish in 6'8" Murphy. I was immediately reminded of watching old film from Terry McDaniel. Just a big kid that is still growing into his frame. Watching Murphy's film, he's got really nice athleticism for his size.

Probably Murphy's biggest deficit is his ability to quickly get off the ball and get leverage. He looks a step slow in some aspects, but I suppose that's to be expected on some level. What you trade off in that, you get an enormous frame and those are tough to find. Most of his film has Murphy at right tackle, while his quarterback is getting killed by the left tackle not keeping his man off of him. He's got really nice footwork, especially in pass protection. That's probably the part of his game that I'm most impressed with.

Justin, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2013 Class | No time to update the table. Will do so as soon as possible.