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Recruiting on the South Plains | 2014 IR Cameron Batson Commits to Texas Tech

It was a busy weekend. Four players committed over the weekend and I would expect that there would be more on the way. We'll tackle them in the order that they committed: Cameron Batson, Patrick Mahomes, Ian Sadler and then Tevin Madison.

The guy running the ball is named Cameron O'Shea and he plays Aussie Rules Football.
The guy running the ball is named Cameron O'Shea and he plays Aussie Rules Football.
Chris Hyde

PLAYER: Cameron Batson

POSITION: Inside Receiver
HEIGHT: 5'9"
FORTY: 4.45
HIGH SCHOOL: Milwood (Oklahoma City, OK)
VIDEO: Clip 1
RECRUITING SERVICES: Rivals 5.4 | Scout N/R | ESPN N/R | 24/7 Sports 86
VTM PROFILE DATE: April 23, 2013

OFFERS | Just a handful of offers right now, including Kansas and Washington St.

STATS | As a junior, you could say that Batson was pretty productive, including 26 carries for 347 yards and 4 touchdowns rushing, while Batson caught 26 passes for 598 yards and 6 touchdowns. Defensively, Batson had 9 interceptions, presumably as a cornerback. He can play.

THE PLAYER SPEAKS | Batson spoke to NewsOK who had this about Texas Tech:

"I always had Tech on the top of my radar. It's a good school with good networking, so you can get a good job and know lots of people. And they throw the ball a lot, and that's something I wanted.

"They had a record for fans at their spring game Saturday. The fans are excited. The coaches are excited. They were excited about me and I was excited about them. I think it's a place I fit."

Also, Batson had some quotes on DMN, where we find out that Batson is cousins with former Red Raider Tramain Swindall, who he talked to about Texas Tech:

"He gave me a lot of information. Whenever I got offered, I called him and was like, ‘Alright man. How do you feel about Texas Tech?’ He said he loved it. He found so many things to do here. He had fun and a good career, got an education, graduated and everything. He helped me out a lot."

Batson also talked to the LAJ about Texas Tech:

"Everything went real good," Batson said. "I loved it a lot. I loved the atmosphere and the energy with the coaches. I decided to commit. Texas Tech was always high on my radar. They were number one. I just wanted to make sure that was the place I could spend my four years."

"I love how much they throw the ball and how much I would be utilized in their offense," Batson said. "That really stood out, and the energy of the coaching staff and the fans. That was the most fans they ever had at a spring game at Texas Tech."

SCOUTING REPORT | That 4.45 speed looks to be pretty legitimate, and I love the fact that Batson is also a cornerback and an inside receiver. With receivers, you always look to see how he does in space and he makes people miss. Well, he makes a lot of people miss. Batson can get to the edge really quickly. You always have to be a bit careful with players from Oklahoma as we are always told that the competition is less than what we would see in Texas, but it doesn't seem that off to me. Looks pretty "normal" as far as I'm concerned. Texas Tech is really loading up on returner and inside receiver types with Sadler on board too. Lots of options is a good thing.

Cameron, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!