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Possible Red Raiders: A Weekly Recruiting Update - 11/19/13

Many of Tech's recruits visited other campuses, A basketball recruit goes elsewhere, and players sign LOI. Plus a look at my personal favorite 2015 recruits, Jaylon Lane and Ryan Newsome.

Tech driving against K-State
Tech driving against K-State

I don't have a lot of info this week on recruits, so I'm just going to keep things brief on this update. A majority of the info this week will be what our recruits are doing with other teams more than what they are doing with us. Oklahoma had a lot of our recruits in town this past weekend, most of them the JUCO O-Linemen. However, we probably only have one spot open for one of those players, and personally, I would rather have Sebastian Tretola. Anyway, here is look at 2015 CB Jaylon Lane and 2015 WR Ryan Newsome

Jaylon Lane- Safety (Central HS, San Angelo, TX)

Height: 6'2" Weight: 175 lbs

Ratings: NR by 247 / 3-Stars by ESPN / NR by Rivals

Interest: Texas* (Cool), Texas Tech* (Cool), TCU* (Cool), Texas A&M* (Cool)

A few weeks about I was talking about this kid when he visited Tech back during Homecoming. I was raving about him, saying that I would review him soon. Well now I am. The future of football is the fact that DBs are now starting to become big (See: Richard Sherman, Devin McCourty) and Jaylon Lane I believe is a great way to start this. The Big XII has become a running league the past few years, has Tech has a bigger need than ever for guys that can tackle. Jaylon Lane's big frame and speed is not only great for this, but you can see this kid break down a little in his film. Now I think he needs to improve on this, seeing that going for the legs (which he did at times) won't always tackle the guy, but that's what the coaching staff is for. In the video he is playing more of a Cornerback position, however when he does this, he plays more like a safety. He disguised his coverage a lot and kept his eyes on the QB. When the ball was airborne, he was able to track it down and either knock it down or create a turnover for the team. Also, he plays special teams in the video, which Tech has struggled at this year. In addition to the Texas Tech visit, he also took a visit to TCU on October 25th. Here below is his highlight film and his Da-Da-Da moment.

Ryan Newsome - Wide Receiver (Aledo HS, Aledo, TX)

Height: 5'8" Weight: 165 lbs 40 time: 4.63 Vertical: 33.5" Power Throw: 34.5

Ratings: NR by 247 / NR by ESPN / NR by Rivals

Interest: Baylor (Warmer), Texas*(Warmer), Texas Tech (Warm), TCU (Warm)

Ryan reminds me a lot of someone the Red Raiders have now. You probably can tell from just looking at the size and weight. However, when you do look at his film, he does play a lot like Jakeem Grant also. He has a bunch of juke moves, cuts, and breakout speed when the runs in for the touchdown. Even though Ryan is more of a YAC receiver, he has can make some good catches with his strong hands. One play he darts about 40 yards over the middle catches it above his head, another where is turns around in the back of the endzone to reel in the score. The most impressive thing may not be his speed and agility, but his strength. Around 2 mins into the Hudl video, Newsome stiff arms 3 players, including one where the defender fell straight to the ground. Also later on he takes some hits, but holds on the ball and is able to last a few more yards. Ryan Newsome I believe will be ranked high when the recruiters get around to him. He visited Baylor during the OU game and then they shortly offered the following week. This weekend, however, Sonnie Cumbie will be attending Newsome's playoff game, and late last night Texas Tech extended an offer to Ryan Newsome. Here is his film at Hudl, but for those that want a shorter version, here is one below:

Here are some other updates:

Football 2014:

  • Sebastian Tretola, 86 rated JUCO OL, visited Oklahoma this past weekend for their 48-10 win over Iowa State. Out of Oklahoma's 17 commits, they have 2 TEs, and only 2 OLs, so they are need of OL in their class. Sebastian Tertola's descion seems like it might come down to OU and TTU.
  • Fahn Cooper, 92 rated JUCO OL, also visited OU this weekend. He recently got an offer from the Sooners, and has included them in the race when it seemed only Tech and A&M were left.
  • Josh Keys, 89 rated JUCO DB, visited Nebraska this past weekend. He has a top 4 list of schools, including Tech and Arky. It looks like the Cornhuskers in his list as well.
  • Terrell Clinkscales, 96 rated JUCO DT, visited Kansas State this past weekend. His twitter is full of retweeting fans fighting for him (mostly Kansas State, Nebraska and Iowa State fans). The kids seems to have the need for attention, which scares me if he comes to Lubbock. Maybe we are better off without him.
  • Randy Anyanwu, NR DE from Georgia, had a coaches visit from Iowa last week. The decision seemed to come down to Marshall or Tech, but Iowa seems to want Randy also. Tech, in my opinion, is in need of a front seven player.

Basketball 2014:

  • Satchel Pierce, 87 rated C, choose Marquette over the weekend. Tech look to be out of the race for a while now. Tech's 2014 class look almost to be over with few recruits left.
  • Justin Gray and Zach Smith both signed Letter of Intents on Wednesday to confirm that they will wear the Red and Black next season. Congrats to them. Justin Gray is also a good friend of Tech recruit Vincent Jackson (83 rated LB).
  • Keenan Evans didn't sign a LOI last Wednesday for reasons I do not know. My guess is he wants to keep his options open if he thinks something better comes up.