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Texas Tech v. Texas | Away Game Hotspots

We give thanks as we head to Cool Town in our convertibles to listen to some music and maybe attend a football match.

Bobby: "What do hipsters like? Cool things! So, we invent a place called 'Cool Town'. In Cool Town, music is always playing and everybody drives convertibles."

Hank: "Ugh. Sounds like Austin."

As is tradition, fellow VTMers chipped in with lots of great places to stop while you're near the Governor's Mansion. We'll get to those, but first, I would like for us to gather 'round the table and share in giving thanks.

VTM has a lot to be thankful for this season. Please share yours with us in the comments.


- We have a tight end so good that the Mackey Award committee is branching off to create the Amaro Award (this has to explain everything, right?)

- The attendance at the Jones has set numerous records throughout the year without the assistance of a tarp.

- Coach Kingsbury and our Red Raiders will only get better. My friend Ace and I have talked about this quite a bit. The guy was handed two green true freshman QB's and was able to rattle off a 7-0 start. Our defense will finally get the chance to study under the same DC for more than 8 months. Things are looking good.


- Kirby Hocutt's ensemble. Hocutt had to make a lot of coaching decisions this past year when coaches left/fired. He started it off last year hiring of Tim Tadlock, former Red Raiders, who even though lost a few more games from the previous year, got a nationally ranked recruiting class for the first time in 12 years. Then came the hiring of legendary Tech son Kliff Kingsbury, who brought excitement back to the program, a decent 2014 class and a promising 2015 class. After that came the hiring of the stable and legendary coach Tubby Smith, whose class already wipes out lasts years class. Then comes Candice Whitaker, another Tech grad who hopes to bring Women's basketball back to it's former glory.

- Downfall of Texas. Both the Football and Basketball programs at Texas are starting to slowly fall over the past year. Even if Texas is still 8-3 (hopefully 8-4 after this), and it's basketball team lacks stars, this is the time were Texas Tech can play well and promising and attract big recruits away from Texas. Eventually, it would be nice for Texas is go back to being good so we can beat them more impressively, but right now, this is what I believe Tech needs.

- Ryan Gossling and Selena Gomez. Klingsbury looks like Ryan Gossling, girls love Ryan Gossling, Therefore, girls love Kingsbury, Girls go to Texas Tech, Recruits love girls, Recruits go to Texas Tech. Plus Selena Gomez likes Tech, Selena Gomez is rated as Maxim's 2nd hottest girl, recruits like hot girls, recruits go to Tech. It's a mastermind plan the can't and won't go wrong. Way to work hard on those good looks.


- I would like to give thanks for our new Lady Raiders Basketball Head Coach --Candi Whitaker. I am very hopeful she brings a new era of Women’s Championship basketball to Texas Tech.

- I am also thankful for a wonderful season and a great ride from Head Coach Stone and the Lady Red Raiders Soccer Team. This team is just so powerful and skilled and they are all still young and I look forward to the next few seasons.

- And as always, I am grateful for the wonderful education and experiences that Texas Tech gave me and I know I am blessed to be able to say I am a Red Raider and I wear my Scarlet and Black and my Double-T with pride.


- I'm thankful to have a place like VTM where we can get together and have fun and argue and celebrate the good times and sulk together during the bad times. I've actually made several friends on the internet, which still sounds weird I know, but it's the truth.

- Most of all though I'm thankful for my beautiful wife and kids. They mean the world to me, and they put up with my passion for Tech & VTM. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


- I am thankful for an athletic director that knows that not every program needs the same type of coach and can distinguish different situations.

- I am thankful for what feels like a fresh start in 2013 for each and every program that has seemed like it hasn't performed to standards.

- I am thankful for an athletic director that doesn't give raises and extensions for mediocre performances or like Halloween candy /shakes fist at Halloween/ .

- I am thankful for Candi Whitaker because I thought the Lady Raiders were going to be terrible, but she's reminded me that there's still a lot of good talent on this team.

- I am thankful for Tubby Smith because I still pinch myself to think that a coach that won a national championship is now the coach for the Red Raiders.

- I am thankful for Tim Tadlock, who has recruited a top 20 class despite not being a top 20 team . . . right now /look out Big 12!/.

- I am thankful for what I think Kingsbury will be become as a head coach.

- I'm also thankful for the unsung guys and gals: Janine Beckie, Kennedy Kithuka, Ifeatu Okafor, Tom Stone, Tim Siegel, Todd Petty, Don Flora (trying an impossible job), Wes Kittley, and on and on. There's a lot of special things going on with Texas Tech athletics.


- Football on Thanksgiving – The food and family are all super great. But the football is really the factor that keeps this holiday going. Something about family at Thanksgiving can just be a little less great than other occasions. Maybe everyone’s still getting used to the cold and their crabbiness is just waking up. It’s also just a few weeks after National Voting Day so politics can be fresh enough on everyone’s mind to really stir the pot. The football is a great lubricant for a family get together. You can just have the game on and kind of zone out of whatever Crazy Uncle Phil wants to talk about. Doesn’t even matter how good the football is, which is why the Lions have been able to retain their traditional Thanksgiving Day game. No one cares, so long as it’s better than Aunt Helen asking you when you’re going to find a wife someday. And it always will be. This year we even get a special treat, with our own Red Raiders taking on the team we all love to hate. Thank you, football.

- Olen G Ray – My Papa, who passed away last month, meant so much to me and my family. After his first wife died, he married my grandmother. She was also coming off the loss of her first spouse, and they were exactly what each other needed. She already had one child, but they had two others after getting married, the second of which is my Mom. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the amazing relationship my Mom maintained with both of them, and I’m encouraged everyday by memories of the time I got to spend with them. Papa fought in the Korean War and came home to care for his family for the decades after. Most of the 00’s he spent caring for my Grandma, who had developed severe emphysema. After her passing, he remained a strong and independent man, determined that no one had to care for him. He passed on October 23, my Mom’s birthday. I’m still amazed at her resolve to consider that day a blessing, recounting the life that we were fortunate enough to share with him.


- Family & Friends - I get to see my little baller 1-1/2 year old nephew MJ in from Dallas and play basketball in the house with him. He learned to jump last week, cannot wait to check it out! He's my buddy!

- Every year I host the UT vs Tech game at my house, this year it happens to be on Thanksgiving so a lot of family and friends will be in town that get to come celebrate. I know we all are busy with our own lives and careers. But, we never forget each other and can count on each other no matter what! Also, it's always one hell of a party when we all get together!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Austin, TX

Crown & Anchor Pub (2911 San Jacinto Blvd)

From techsanSAE:

The Owner graduated from McMurry and is a West Texan at heart. Usually filled with Longhorns, but the best burger in town and always friendly to those blowing in from the South Plains

East 6th Area

Our mojavereject summed this up perfectly:

Depending on your tolerance level for hipsters East 6th is a good place to be at night: decent collection of bars (Liberty and Yellowjacket Social Club for outdoor seating, White Horse for your square-dancing, Gracklefor… idk that’s actually my least favorite but it’s not bad strictly speaking) and the East Side King food trucks are great. Takoba is right there also which is one of my go-to mexican food spots in town, plus neighborhood parking is free

Pinthouse Pizza (4729 Burnet Rd)

We stopped here during our Hill Country trip last month and loved it. The pies were great, but the beer was even better. They have several of their own brews on tap with some specialty brews and seasonals to try. It's not downtown, but depending on where you're wanting to hang out, that could be a good thing.

Moonshine Bar & Grill (303 Red River St)

A friend of ours recommended we visit Moonshine on our trip and we were not disappointed. They make one hell of an Old Fashioned, and their Cat Daddy Moonshine is worth trying. The food was wonderful, and we really enjoyed the atmosphere. If you have the option, get the green chile cheddar grits as one of your sides.

Juan in a Million (2300 East Cesar Chavez St)

I've seen these guys on the Travel Channel. Here are Chris768's thoughts:

Juan in a Million has the Don Juan for about $4 and a really spicy hot sauce and seems to be about 2 lbs of potato, bacon, egg and cheesy goodness.

A few more good places to try from TTpilk645:

My daughter works part time at Zocolo’s, so experience the bold flavors and colors of a Mexico City taqueria at 1110 W Lynn St, near MOPAC.

Also, for those who like fish, on Stassney and Manchaca is Cherry Creek Catfish Company, where you can get fried, baked or cajun style catfish and chicken as well as south of the border style.

And now I'm starving...

Lubbock Events

Friday, November 29th

The Office
Local Nobody's w/
Mitch Rambo & The Watery Grave

Saturday, November 30th

The Uprising - 7:00pm

The Blue Light
Casey Berry - 9:00pm

The Office
Kinky Wizards - 9:00pm

Sunday, December 1st

Cactus Theater
Dustin Garrett CD Release Party - 4:00pm

Tuesday, December 3rd

Texas Tech Campus
Carol of Lights - 7:00pm

United Spirit Arena
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - 7:00pm

Wednesday, December 4th

TTU's Dead Day is December 5th, so quite a bit is going on for a Wednesday.

Bash Riprock's
Dead Day Bash w/ The Rankin Twins

The Blue Light
Six Market Blvd - 9:00pm

Wild West
Aaron Watson - 8:00pm


The Family Room

You know this place better than anyone; it's where your family and friends come to gather and celebrate one another. The food is better here than it is anywhere, and the company is irreplaceable. Enjoy this time, and cherish the memories that will be made. You have the best seat in the house.

What say you, VTMers?