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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Back To The Drawing Board Edition

Double-T Nation News:

There have been a couple of mornings where I initially wrote that it was a pretty slow news day and as it turned out, I found more articles than I thought I would.

This morning, it's officially a slow news day.

Hopefully that means that a certain someone will execute a legally binding document to promise to coach at a certain university for the university's promise to pay.

I'm continuing the Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss Previews every Monday, Wednesday and Friday leading up to the game. Scheduled to post today is receivers.

Texas Tech Football:

The fine folks over at New Era Scouting has a mock draft this morning and they've got Mr. Crabtree going to the Seahawks at #3:

A dynamic athlete with incredible production at the college level. A complete receiver who can go over the middle, stretch the field vertically, make plays after the catch and a willing blocker. Instantly provides a spark to the Seahawks’ mediocre receiving corps.

You should also note that Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher is projected to go right behind Crabtree:

Oher has great size for the tackle position and plays with a mean streak. He punishes people in the run game and uses his long arms to shield defenders in pass protection. He is a polished tackle who still possesses tremendous upside.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes about how Junior Knight is turning his attention towards the defense. Here's Junior Knight and Walker on what needs to happen and how well Lamar shot from the field in the second half:

"I thought it helped us because we got to break down, but it didn’t look like we did anything defensively," Knight said. "We broke down for four days, so we’re going to have to go back to the drawing board and keep hammering these guys defensively. Offensively, we don’t have a problem. We scored 79 points and didn’t shoot the ball well at all. We have the firepower, but now these guys have got to realize that you can’t rely on your offense. Defense takes no talent whatsoever. All it is, is heart and effort. When you’re not shooting the ball well or scoring, you’ve got to be able to rely on your defense. … We’ve got to get down and start guarding guys."

Lamar shot 68 percent (17 of 25) in the second half and only three of those field goals came outside the paint. Of the 13 field goals inside the paint after the break, only one came from outside about five feet.

The Cardinals scored 38 points inside the paint and another 21 from the free-throw line, meaning only 26 points came from jump shots.

The article goes on to say that the team is unsure as to when Okorie and Prince will return.

The DTN Basketball Report is scheduled to be published for tomorrow at noon.