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I'm Not Sure What To Say

I was sick to my stock the last minute and a half, and it' still a complete shock, despite the fact that I have to be fairly early for church and I've had way too much beer.  I don't think there' s any doubt that Colby Whitlock and Michael Crabtree were the MVP's tonight, there's arguments that Daniel Charbonnet and Graham Harrell should also be included. 

First, that's one hell of a Texas team.  Much props to the Longhorns, I never, in a million years thought it would play out like it did. 

Second . . . Wreck 'Em!

We'll sort all of this out tomorrow, enjoy the night.

[Note by Seth C, 11/02/08 12:33 AM CDT ]  I also wanted to thank everyone for participating in the Open Game Day Thread:

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