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Report Card: Sam Houston St. 76, Texas Tech 87



Also, this report card is a work in progress.  Let me know if you like something, don't like something, or would like to see additions.

A pretty nice win for your Red Raiders, 87-76 over the Sam Houston St. Bearkats (boxscore). This game was not as close as the final score appears as Texas Tech seemed to have a 20 point margin almost the entire 2nd half.


Offensive MVP: Mike Singletary Very efficient tonight and before he fouled out, I thought he had a really nice effort offensively with 18 points on only 11 shots.

Defensive MVP: D'Walyn Roberts Ummm, this guy can play and he looks nothing like last year's lost freshman. Stepping up big time.



Not terribly efficient from beyond the arc (34.8%) but the guards can score and they can score in bunches. Very impressed with Nick Okorie (18 pt; 5 rb) again, who is going to be a special player for Texas Tech and will surprise some folks in the Big 12.  John Roberson (14 pts; 3 rb; 8 ast) appeared to be a little more under control and did a nice job of driving to the basket as well as distributing the rock. Alan Voskuil (9 pt; 12 rb; 3 ast) had a rough night shooting (3-14) but found other ways to contribute. Tyree Graham (7 pt; 3 rb) found way to contribute as well and he does not play like a freshman. Keep giving this guy minutes because he's going to be able to play in the Big 12.


Although Texas Tech was much smaller than SHS, I know that sound strange, Texas Tech still out-rebounded the Bearkats, something I'm not so sure would have happened last year. D'Walyn Roberts (10 pt; 5 rb; 1 blk) has truly grown as a player, he looks so different and I couldn't be happier to see him play as well as he has.  Roberts is incredibly active on the defensive side of the floor and he certainly has an offensive game that is developing. One other note about Roberts, of his 5 boards, 4 came on the offensive end.  That hasn't happened in a long time.  Corbin Ray got the start and although he's not quite as athletic as I thought Junior Knight might lean, he's not bad and he already has some muscle on his frame. He'll be ready to play sooner rather than later and I like that Knight is giving him a carrot. Mike Singletary (18 pt; 5 rb; 1 blk) stole the show offensively and there were quite a few minutes that both Singletary, Roberts and Roberson were all on the floor. That's a great sign about last year's recruiting class. Darko Cohadarevic (6 pt; 3 rb) is still learning how to play, but I like his ability to put the ball on the floor for a big guy and his offensive game is slowly adjusting. Michael Prince (5 pt; 5 rb; 1 stl) had lots of energy off the bench and he did a nice job of taking the ball to the bucket. Trevor Cook (under the weather), Robert Lewandowski and Damir Suljagic all saw minimal minutes.


Pat Knight did a nice job of letting his talented guards do their thing offensively. Sticking with Singletary for extended minutes was a nice touch and where I was continually frustrated with Texas Tech's ability to break the opposing defense's zone, with more athletic players, this is much easier.   Junior Knight is still learning and I would have liked to have seen Cook get more time than he did (4 minutes), but I understand that this was a game where Texas Tech simply had better athletes and he utilized players (Roberts and Singletary) that were better suited to take advantage of that athleticism and up-and-down game. Nevertheless, Cook and to a certain extent Lewandowski will need to seem more time because they're going to be needed in Big 12 play. Overall, a really nice effort by Junior Knight.


  • The Freshman: Corbin Ray got the start and Robert Lewandowski looks serviceable, but Tyree Graham looks like he's going to be a player. I already have visions of Roberson, Graham and Okorie starting next year and it's going to be scary.
  • The Newcomers:This will mainly just apply to the JUCO guys, Okorie and Cohad, but it's clear that Okorie is a guy who can contribute immediately, while it may take a little bit of time for Cohad to adjust to taking advantage of opponents on the block.
  • Rebounding: Thus far, the Red Raiders have won the rebounding battle and a big part of that, although it doesn't show up on the boxscore, is the effort of Roberts. Texas Tech didn't truly play a big man this game (Cook 4 min; Suljagic 3 min; Cohad 16 min; Lew 3 min) and still won the rebounding battle. I can see the progress being made.

Up Next: East Central Tigers @ Texas Tech Red Raiders, Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. (Television - to be announced).