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An Introduction: Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma


TTU Pass Offense
OU Pass Defense
TTU Rush Offense
OU Rush Defense
TTU Pass Defense
OU Pass Offense
TTU Rush Defense
OU Rush Offense
433.70 (1,1)
132.60 (73, 9)
244.00 (98, 6)
107.40 (20, 2)
238.10 (93, 4)
107.50 (21, 3)
355.50 (3, 2)
194.30 (24, 2)



TTU Scoring Offense
OU Scoring Defense
TTU Scoring Defense
OU Scoring Offense
47.90 (3, 2)
23.60 (57, 4)
22.20 (46, 2)
51.40 (1, 1)


General Thoughts: Is there any way that this isn't just a shoot-out? I've told myself that for the past few weeks, and then backed off the premise a bit as game-time rolls around thinking that the teams will play a little tight and close to the vest. I don't know how these teams hold each other under 50 on Saturday.

Statistical Interestingness:

  • I think we all know how well Texas Tech has been on 3rd downs, currently at 57.81% and 1st in the Big 12, but where do you think Oklahoma would rank? How about 8th in the conference at 46.38%. I'm a little surpised too and I've often heard this explained away as Oklahoma is a big play offense, therefore, the 3rd downs aren't as important, but that just doesn' make much sense to me. OU has 10 more 3rd down attempts than Texas Tech and considering the overall balance of the Oklahoma offense, I'm surprised.
  • Despite losing some key players on defense, especially along the defensive line, Oklahoma sits at #2 in the conference at 3.40 sacks a game. And that number is pretty static, even through conference (3.17) and non-conference (3.75) so this isn't a case where OU is beating up inferior opponents, although they are obviously slightly better against their non-conference opponents. Again, Texas Tech is tied for 3rd with Missouri at 2.60 per game (we each have 26.0). The difference between OU getting sacks on everyone else in the Big 12 and Texas Tech is that Texas Tech has only allowed 5.0 sacks for the year in over 756 plays. That's 1 sack for every 151.2 plays.
  • I'm a little surprised that OU isn't more efficient running the ball. Oklahoma averages 4.58 yards per rushing attempt for 6th in the Big 12, which isn't what I expected at all. I was expecting an OU offense that was dominating running the ball and incredibly efficient due to Bradford's presence in the pocket. Also somewhat interesting is the fact that OU is 4th in the Big 12 in yards per play at 7.0, which is still pretty dang good, but again, for an offense that puts up over 50 points a game, I was expecting more.
  • Sam Bradford is pretty good and his receivers are too. Perhaps the best thing about Bradford is that he doesn't rely on just one receiver, much like Graham Harrell, and is doing an excellent job of spreading the ball around. For the year, Juaquin Iglesias has 24% of OU's receiving yards, Manuel Johnson has 17%, Jermaine Gresham has 16%, Ryan Broles has 14% and Quintin Chane has 10%. Now perhaps the best thing about these numbers from a Texas Tech perspective is that Demarco Murray only has 26 catches for 308 yards and accounts for 9% of Bradford's passing yards. The idea of course is that OU doesn't throw the ball to their running backs very much at all, which means that they are either getting a handoff or blocking, but not receiving the ball out of the backfield in a screen. And it would be even more accurate to say that if Murray isn't in the game, there's a very small chance Bradford will throw any of his running backs the ball (Matt Clapp 2% of the team's receiving yards and Chris Brown has 1%).


Eastern Washington W, 49-24 Chattanooga W, 52-7
@ Nevada W, 35-19 Cincinnati W, 52-26
SMU W, 43-7 @ Washington W 55-14
UMass W, 56-14 TCU W, 35-10
@ Kansas State W, 58-28 @ Baylor W, 49-17
Nebraska W, 37-31 Texas L, 35-45
@ Texas A&M W, 43-25 Kansas W, 45-31
@ Kansas W, 63-21 @ Kansas State W, 58-35
Texas W, 39-33 Nebraska W, 62-28
Oklahoma State W, 56-20 @ Texas A&M W, 66-28


Ending Thoughts: OU's toughest competition, other that Texas, may have been in non-conference play. Thus far, OU's slate of conference opponents hasn't been great, but for the most part, OU won convincingly, putting up 45, 58, 62 and 66 in the past 4 weeks since the loss to UT. Again, I don't see how these teams stay under 50 a piece.

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