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Post Game Review: Texas Tech 81, St. Francis (PA) 47

This is a much more athletic team and I think Nick Okorie is going to be a big part of this team's future success. There's a lot to like with Okorie and the bottom line is that he can play. Also loved D'Walyn Roberts, I thought he looked bigger than last year and he didn't look lost on either end of the floor. I said it last year that I'd love to see Roberts be this team's Damion James and although he doesn't have near the size, he does have incredible length and athletic ability and his added size is a huge improvement from last year. Keep it going.


Player Comment
Nick Okorie
16 pt; 1 rb; 2 ast
Okorie is going to be a player. This guy has good size for a guard, has some hops and can shoot the ball. I could see Okorie leading this team in scoring easily.
John Roberson
13 pt; 5 rb; 5 ast
The thing I like about Roberson is that he can spot up and shoot the ball and has learned, perhaps, to get his shot off with a man on him. I'd like to see a little more ball control on offense and reduce the turnovers (3).
Alan Voskuil
8 pt; 3 rb; 2 ast
Seemed to force his shot early, but did well in the 2nd half. The offense needs to go ahead and get him going offensively as he doesn't create his own shot very well.
D'Walyn Robertsj
4 pt; 3 rb; 1 ast.
Looked much bigger to me as last year Roberts was really skinny. Looks much better out under the boards and can be a difference maker on defense. Roberts brings something that no one else can, length and defense.
Darko Cohadarevic
4 pt; 2 rb; 1 blk
Does a nice job of handling the ball on the perimeter and calling for the ball on the block. I like what he brings to the table.
Trevor Cook
10 pt; 3 rb; 1 ast
Early spark off the bench and the added weight isn't obvious. Can still shoot from the perimeter and like Cohad, can handle the ball outside.
Tyree Graham
6 pt; 3 rb; 1 ast
Does not look like a freshman. Graham can play and he's got nice athleticism. I could see him pushing Roberson for playing time if Roberson gets careless. Really like his game.
Michael Prince
5 pt; 5 rb; 1 ast
An energy guy but I hate how he continually defers rather than take the ball to the basket. Prince has a decent shot so I'm not sure why he doesn't take advantage of it, but played well inside.
Mike Singletary
6 pt; 5 rb; 1 ast
Thought he might start, but came off the bench and did well. Would like for his teammates to find him inside matched up against smaller forwards as I think he can do damage underneath.
Robert Lewandowski
2 pt; 3 rb; 1 blk
A legitimate big man with some nice moves. Is still a bit raw, but I like his long term prospects and he stays inside. Had a nice block, he's going to see quite a bit of time.
Damir Suljagic
0 pt; 1 rb
Had minimal minutes, but this may be a guy left out a bit because he's not as polished offensively or defensively as other players.
Rogdrick Craig
0 pt; 1 rb; 1 ast
Handled the point guard duties when in the game and like the idea of a bigger guard being on point. Not afraid to shoot the ball and I like that, but was a little rusty offensively.
Corbin Ray
2 pt; 3 rb
I kinda like his game and he reminds me of Cliff Owens. I'm not sure what else to expect, but he does have talent.
Wally Dunn
5 pt; 1 rb
Somewhat surprised, as was Ray, to see him get off the bench, but he's a capable shooter who isn't afraid to shoot the ball, again, a trait I appreciate.



  • The offense was a little ragged, but it's the first game and Texas Tech won by 34. I'm not complaining. Would like to see more of an inside game as the offense seemed to be dependent on the outside shot, evidenced by only 18 free throws on an over-matched opponent.
  • Held St. Francis to 26% from the field and loved that. Defense played very well and like the offense, they aren't perfect but they were pretty good.
  • Out rebounded St. Francis by 7 and although this wasn't great, it's a start. Baby steps.
  • Too many turnovers (15).

Up Next: Sam Houston State @ Texas Tech, Monday, November 17, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. (Television - TTTN).