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Recruiting In The Knight: Brad Reese and David Tairu

Someone's been busy.  Pat Knight secured commitments from two high quality JUCO players, bringing the total number of commitments to 6 (see the left sidebar for more details.  A little background on all of these guys, Brad Reese was offered a scholarship to LSU but took a visit to Oklahoma State, once LSU coach Trent Johnson found out about it, he pulled his offer.  In swoops Junior Knight with an offer and subsequent commitment.

David Tairu is a fairly well-known commodity along the South Plains as he averaged 14.1 points and 3.69 rebounds for South Plains C.C. last year.  Thus far Tairu has had the following games

  • 18 pts (2/4 3's); 6 rbs; 2 ast; 0 TO
  • 24 pts (6/9 3's); 3 rbs; 1 ast; 0TO
  • 23 pts (2/4 3's); 4 rbs; 4 ast; 0 TO

It's not too difficult to note that it appears that PK is trying to pull together a mix of athletic guys who can play and contribute immediately.  PK is no dummy and I have no doubt that he understands that he's got a pretty short leash, despite the fact that I think he's going to do well.  Thus far, Junior Knight has commitments from 2 high school players and 4 JUCO's, although there's rumblings that Ashford will not sign at Texas Tech.  I'm guessing that PK is focusing on a big man from this point forward and he should have 5 scholarships to replace his seniors (Voskuil, Craig, Suljagic, Rizvic and Prince) and hopefully there's some wiggle-room on the number of scholarships that Junior Knight has available because he currently has 5 commitments not including fictional big-man.

Brad Reese

Position: SF
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile
Ht: 6'6"
Wt: 200 lbs
JUCO: Gulf Coast C.C. (Panama City, FL)

David Tairu

Position: SG
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 177 lbs
JUCO: South Plains C.C. (Levelland, TX)

Brad and David, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!