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BlogPoll Ballot Week 11

I've been pretty hesitant to move Texas Tech to quickly up the BlogPoll, but this week, the Red Raiders forced my hand.  Comments after the jump.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas Tech Proved to be the most dominant team this week as they dismantled what we all thought was a very good OSU team. Defense came up with some key turnovers. 1
2 Alabama Needed overtime to take care of LSU, on the road. No shame in that, but thought that Texas Tech's win was better. 1
3 Texas Moved up due to Penn St.'s loss, but I'm not so sure that they're this good, although I'm expecting them to win out. Offensive line looked a little ragged as did the McCoy interceptions. 1
4 Oklahoma Looked absolutely dominant in their win over TAMU. That offense is scary good. 2
5 Florida If not for the loss against Ole Miss, Florida would probably be the #1 team, but that loss is holding them back in my ballot. 2
6 Southern Cal Great defense and meh on offense. I keep expecting more from them. 2
7 Utah Why the hell not? Took care of a pretty good TCU team, they deserve to move up. 2
8 Boise State Beat a really bad team. Good for them. 2
9 Penn State Tough loss for PSU and I'm really curious as to where you guys think the Lions should drop. 6
10 Missouri Slowly but surely creeping back into the picture. 2
11 Ohio State Impressive win over Northwestern, on the road. Thought that Pryor looked pretty good for a true freshman. 2
12 Oklahoma State Same as PSU above, how far do these guys drop? Is Texas Tech that good and therefore shouldn't drop far? 7
13 Brigham Young Beat a really bad team. Good for them. 1
14 Michigan State Are actually on top of the Big 10. 1
15 North Carolina Handled what I thought was a pretty good Georgia Tech team. 1
16 TCU Same as Oklahoma St. and PSU, how far should the Frogs drop. They lost to a really good team, on the road and it was damn close. I'm thinking I'm dropping these guys too far. 5
17 Georgia Defense looks very questionable, but the offense is coming around. --
18 Pittsburgh Once we get to this point in the BlogPoll, it's a crap-shoot and Pittsburgh won handily. 8
19 Florida State Again, demolished Clemson. 5
20 Ball State Not sure what to do with these guys. I've never seen them play, but they are winning. 3
21 Air Force Yea! service academy. How about the top half of the Mountain West? 5
22 South Carolina  Good for the Gamecocks, they have one helluva defense and the offense is coming around.
23 LSU Quarterback situation is awful, but the defense is pretty damn good. 5
24 Cincinnati Nice win over West Virginia. 2
25 Oregon State Right behind USC in the Pac-10. 1


Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#19), California (#20), West Virginia (#21), Maryland (#22), Northwestern (#25).