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An Introduction: Texas vs. Texas Tech

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TTU Pass Offense
UT Pass Defense
TTU Rush Offense
UT Rush Defense
TTU Pass Defense
UT Pass Offense
TTU Rush Defense
UT Rush Offense
418.38 (1,1)
138.50 (64, 7)
245.50 (98, 8)
101.00 (14, 2)
265.50 (110, 10)
69.25 (3, 4)
303.13 (11, 5)
183.38 (32, 3)



TTU Scoring Offense
UT Scoring Defense
TTU Scoring Defense
UT Scoring Offense
48.00 (3, 2)
21.13 (39, 2)
18.38 (28, 1)
45.63 (5, 4)


Very similar teams, at least statistically. Both are pretty good against the run (UT is better), while both are also pedestrian against the pass. I still maintain that a big part of these stats are probably a product of the style of play of their respective opponents as well as having some success stopping the run. That's not to say that neither unit only has good numbers because teams are passing more than running, but it's certainly a factor. Interestingly, Texas Tech is just a tick ahead of Texas in terms of total offense and Texas is a nose ahead on defense. It's going to be close and it's going to be a shootout.

Statistical Interestingness:

  • Texas Tech is 2nd in the Big 12 in stopping opponents' third downs (32.04%), and are almost just as good on the road (32.08%) as they are at home (32.00%).
  • Texas is converting 80.43% of their redzone opportunities into touchdowns, while Texas Tech is at a meager 78.00% which is good for 3rd in the conference. Texas Tech actually has more scores, despite being absolutely dismal converting field goals (only 8.00% in the redzone), but the difference here is Texas Tech has had 50 attempts compared to only 46 for Texas.
  • Texas Tech is 3rd in the Big 12 in total defense, while Texas is 1st. I think we're splitting hairs here, but I think both teams are on pretty equal footing as Texas Tech allows 5.0 yards per play while Texas allows 5.1. Over the course of 8 games, Texas Tech has given up 94 yards more than Texas.
  • Texas Tech is only allowing 1.88 tackles for a loss per game. That's less than 2 negative plays for every game. Think about that for a minute. Texas looks like they are a little more on the normal side of things as they allow 5.88 tackles for a loss each game. Texas Tech has lost 41 yards, while Texas has lost 179.


Eastern Washington W, 49-24 Florida Atlantic W, 52-10
@ Nevada W, 35-19 @ UTEP W, 42-13
SMU W, 43-7 Rice W 52-10
UMass W, 56-14 Arkansas W, 52-10
@ Kansas State W, 58-28 @ Colorado W, 38-14
Nebraska W, 37-31 Oklahoma W, 45-35
@ Texas A&M W, 43-25 Missouri W, 56-31
@ Kansas W, 63-21 Oklahoma State W, 28-24


So my thought after looking at UT's non-conference schedule is, meh. I get the same thought after looking at Texas Tech's non-conference schedule, and almost any teams' non-conference schedule is completely forgotten, at least by me, by the time team's get to the meat of conference play. However, the computers continue to look back and that's what's hurting Texas Tech right now. Still, Texas only has 1 non-conference opponent with a winning record, Rice, while Texas Tech has Nevada at .500 (one of their losses came against Missouri) and UMass checking in at 5-3. Again. Meh, on both sides.  As far as the conference is concerned, Texas decidedly has the advantage as Texas Tech's toughest opponents were last week and the next three weeks (UT, OSU and OU).  UT deserves a ton of credit for handling each of the past three weeks so well.