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Post Game Thread: Texas Tech 63, Kansas 21

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Wow.  I was not expecting that.  Consider this your afternoon open game day thread and feel free to talk about the game, what you liked and didn't like.

Also, thanks to everyone who participated in today's game day threads.

Roll Call: antiswarm, ForestFlyer, ezed, Skin Patrol, Plano Jeff, xwvr, Tech92, willthetechfan, redraidersax, jeffinhouston, kayakyakr, redraiderdrock, 2001Raider, Seth C, natsnagrom, corn blight, Beergut, kevinkinsler, johnlaf13, Jason Roberts, Crabtree_for_Heisman, SOLIS, Denverjhawk
Total Users: 23
Total Posts: 720
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
Tech92 136
Plano Jeff 118
redraidersax 91
jeffinhouston 64
ForestFlyer 58
Beergut 52
2001Raider 39
kayakyakr 36
Jason Roberts 33
willthetechfan 33
natsnagrom 21
antiswarm 13
Skin Patrol 5
Seth C 4
xwvr 3
kevinkinsler 3
redraiderdrock 2
corn blight 2
Denverjhawk 1
ezed 1
Crabtree_for_Heisman 1
johnlaf13 1