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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Great Accuracy Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I've started my positional review and preview. Starting with quarterback (see below), which is probably the easiest position to review and preview. My plan is to roll one of these out each week, but don't set your watch to any schedule. Once basketball season heats up my time may not be as free as it is now, but that's my intent. As I said, I think the quarterback position is the easiest to project, but with that being said, if I make a mistake, please correct and my idea of who I'd like to see starting or backing up or if you have a disagreement with the year-by-year depth chart then let me know. I'd really like to see this to be a group collaboration rather than just me, so your input would be great. In fact, I'm thinking that after we've finished all of these positional reviews and previews that we'll take a second look both before the spring practices and during the summer.

Texas Tech Football:

We have a way-too-early look at the 2008 Top 25 by respected college football writer, Mark Schlabach. Schlabach has the Red Raiders ranked #12 and has this to say about Texas Tech:

12. Texas Tech Mike Leach has led the Red Raiders to a bowl game in each of his eight seasons as coach, and Texas Tech might be poised to reach a BCS bowl game in 2008. Quarterback Graham Harrell returns to the record-setting offense, along with receiver Michael Crabtree, who had 134 catches for 1,962 yards and 22 touchdowns as a freshman. Just as important, each of the five offensive linemen protecting Harrell will return. The Red Raiders hope to have eight starters back on defense, but kicker Alex Trlica will have to be replaced. Texas Tech's schedule opens against Tulsa and includes road games at Texas A&M, Kansas and Oklahoma.

DT! does an excellent job of breaking down how the AP voters voted on the final ballot.

Hat-tip to Clone Chronicles for satisfying my need for all things football as Matt Miller of new SB Nation blog, Mocking the Draft, and president of New Era Scouting, has released a 2008 NFL draft preview and had some things to say about some of our Red Raiders. Under the section for Top Underclassmen for quarterbacks, here's Graham Harrell:

2. Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech, 6'2, 196
Spread passer who has shown great accuracy and productivity. Breaking the label of a system quarterback. Quick release. Good vision. Can move well up and out of the pocket. Throws well on the run. Good deep ball. All-around player.

This on Danny Amendola:

Danny Amendola, WR, Texas Tech, 5'11, 177
Very productive receiver. Small, skinny, but fast. Good return man. Four-year starter. Can get to the edge on returns and finds a seam. Good vision, moves well with the ball. Can make cuts and change direction instantly. Light on his feet. Slot receiver with poor intermediate to deep skills. Works best underneath and given the chance to run after the catch.

And this on senior cornerback Chris Parker:

Chris Parker, CB, Texas Tech, 5'10, 178
Short and slow. Will be beat deep. Best in a short-zone. Not very fluid. Soft tackler. Lacks agility and the burst to come up and make a play. Limited athletically.

Go read the whole preview if you're a football or NFL draft junkie.