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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - DTN Readers Edition

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Texas Tech Football:

As noted by DTN reader kayakyakr, Michael Crabtree won the AT&T All-America Player of the Year, an award voted on by fans. Congrats to Michael and congrats to Red Raider fans for taking the time to vote.

Texas Tech is ranked #22 in the Associated Press Top 25 and #23 in the USA Today Top 25 Coaches' Poll. Congrats to Coach Leach and the entire program for persevering through the season. Being ranked at the end of the year isn't easy and only 25 teams have that privilege.

College Football:

LSU won the national championship last night, but perhaps news of more interest to Texas Tech fans, SMU hired June Jones to be their new head coach. Texas Tech and SMU play on September 13, 2008, which means that Texas Tech will get an up-close look at the June Jones run-and-shoot offense. As DTN Reader djollie111 noted in his diary, he asks how many wins can SMU expect next year. Will Jones make that big a difference next year? Personally, I always thought that the SMU offense wasn't bad, ranking 37th in the nation in total offense, but it was the defense that betrayed them so many times, ranking 116th in total defense. It's the defense that I worry about improving for SMU.