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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - BCS Championship Edition

Double-T Nation News:

There's not much news out there this morning mostly because there's a BCS National Championship game tonight.

You'll note that I've updated the marquee at the top of the page an I'm going to list the next 4 or 5 games for the men's basketball team and try and keep the scores updated as the games are played. I promise. I've also updated the countdown clock until kickoff next year. That's kind of depressing.

I do plan on doing quite a few football things from this point forward, focusing on recruiting a little and taking a look at each position and the depth at each position. Also, make sure and check out Classless Clowns review of the Virginia game for your football fix.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes about the potential of this team as well as they played against UTEP and it seems that the point with Knight, especially from watching the presser, is that this team has to figure out how to be consistent. I think a big part of that the influx of so many new players and after a long non-conference schedule, I think Roberson, Singletary and Roberts are starting to find their niche.

Also, if you're starved for information, make sure and check out DTN's Big 12 Basketball Primer

College Football:

I first point you to Sunday Morning Quarterback for analysis of the BCS National Championship. You could waste half the morning at SMQ alone. If you're looking for news on particular teams, then check out Ohio State blog Around the Oval or Louisiana State blog And The Valley Shook. Also make sure and check out The Wizard of Odds where they've compiled almost every writer's opinion on who is going to win tonight.

If it's traditional media that you're after, then I'll let you navigate on your own, you know where to go.