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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Gutty Decision Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I finished the Texas Tech v. Virginia defensive drive chart, but didn't finish the review of the Texas Tech v. Lamar game. I will have a preview of today's game up shortly and I was wrong about the game being on television. The Texas Tech v. UTEP game will be on ESPNU, a channel which I don't get, so I still won't get to watch it, but perhaps some of you can.

Give a warm DTN welcome to new Texas Tech blog, RaiderAde, which is written by DTN reader ayleein and published by the Houston Chronicle.

Texas Tech Football:

This was sent to me by a DTN reader and is titled, Sooner fans frustrated, and Bob Barry, Jr. a sports talk show host said that the theme of the day was that Bob Stoops can no longer win the big game and to fire Brent Venables. So we can all laugh at an opponent because they're frustrated with their recent bowl performances, but perhaps the bigger question is whether or not a coach can lose "it"? Is it possible that Stoops or any other coach loses the ability to win big games? Seems ridiculous to me, either you have it or you don't and I'm pretty sure that Stoops has it. Also, if Oklahoma were to decide to get rid of Vanables, which I don't think that they are, then I'd more than welcome him in Lubbock.

What do you think, has Stoops lost it?

FWST's Jimmy Burch serves notice on the rest of the nation, the Big 12 is good, mostly in part because of quarterback play. Burch notes that 10 of the 12 teams will return their quarterback for 2008, which is pretty amazing to consider and Burch picks Texas Tech as a darkhorse contender for the Big 12 next year.

Go get your second cup of coffee, because Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider is back after a long break. I loved this bit about Coach Leach in the Gator Bowl:

So much for Virginia coach Al Groh's supposed edge in game-day management and acumen over Mike Leach, who absolutely schooled him in the second half.

Leach's gutty decision to opt for an onside kick on the opening drive of the second half immediately got his team back in the game.

And his play calling on Tech's final drive help set up a makeable field goal by Robert Trlica. Most coaches would have opted to run the ball as the safer course of action. But Leach was passing on the final drive, and the result was Tech's victory.

Go read the whole thing this morning. Good stuff, as always.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker previews today's game and also features freshman forward D'Walyn Roberts. Assistant coach Chris Beard had this to say about Roberts:

"I think D'walyn is in the process of progressing very well," Tech assistant coach Chris Beard said as the Red Raiders prepared to conclude the non-conference schedule today against UTEP. "He's adapted to the college game, he's handled his academics and made good grades the first semester and he seems to have found a way to balance everything. He comes in to work out a lot on his own, and he's made a pretty good adjustment."

Walker does a nice job of making the comparison between Roberts' progression and the team's progression, they both need to be more consistent to be successful. Personally, I'd love to see Roberts get at least 20 minutes a game, let him learn on the run and grow with the team. In the long term, it will be better for the program.