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2007 College Football Blogger Award

After a couple of evenings pondering the nominations, I've finally finished my ballot for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. Don't forget that as readers you can use the nomination gizmo to nominate your own blogs for the various awards.

Keep in mind that the 2006 winners are not eligible for the 2007 awards, which is why I've listed them in the parentheses next to the category (i.e., I needed a reminder). Feel free to critique, criticize and disagree in the comments.

Best New Blog (Fire Mark May): I'm not sure that I can nominate Black Heart Gold Pants, but I am anyway. They are too good at what they do not to be nominated - Black Heart Gold Pants

Best Community (Burnt Orange Nation): I am continually amazed by the constant production of BN readers and the promotion of diaries- Bruins Nation

Best Writing (Every Day Should Be Saturday): I may be a tad bit biased, but SMQ's love of Mike Leach is a sure way to get DTN's vote. Besides the Leach-love, consistently the best analysis on the web - Sunday Morning Quarterback

Best Post (YOUR SCHOOL'S PROMOTIONAL AD IS TEH SUZORZ!GRAND DRU: APPALACHIAN IS HOT HOT HOT! from Every Day Should Be Saturday): Once again, very biased, but an incredible piece of writing - Drinking with Boris Yelstin: A&M game preview from Disco Tech!

Funniest Blog (Every Day Should Be Saturday): This is where I pour one out on the curb for dear, close friends, Bear Meat. I miss you Red - Bear Meat

Best Analysis (MGoBlog) Rock M Nation's Beyond the Box Score is something that if I had the time and intelligence I would love to do. Rock M Nation has really done some great statistical analysis that needs to be recognized - Rock M Nation

Best MSM Blog (D.C. Sports Blog): Although he is not with a major network, there few writers who write more thoughtful analysis of the team he or she covers than Dave Matter and his Behind the Stripes blog - Behind the Stripes

Best Looking Blog (Bevo Sports): This was the easiest one to nominate, Rocky Top Talk - Rocky Top Talk

The Job Award (Hey Jenny Slater): I must concur with two other fellow bloggers, Dawg Sports and Rocky Top Talk, it must be Rakes of Mallow - Rakes of Mallow

Best Audio (Lee Corso Slo Jam from Every Day Should Be Saturday): I'm going to abstain with this nomination because I don't listen to many podcasts. I probably should do this as it would provide yet another excuse to ignore my wife, but I don't.

Best Regular Feature (Sunday Morning Quarterback): The Wiz's Reporters' Notebook alone should get the nod. Every morning when I wake up, I get fresh football stories, and for that I am eternally grateful - The Wizard of Odds

Best Photoshop (Dear Diary: Chris Fowler from Sunday Morning Quarterback): I liked Roll Bama Roll's coining of the phrase "Irished", which means that a team gets their ass handed to them in a bowl game - You've Been Irished from Roll Bama Roll

Best YouTube (-): I'm pretty sure that I don't have to say anything else - CatLab

Best ACC Blog (Eagle In Atlanta): I couldn't decide between Tomahawk Nation and The Good Ol' Blog. Both are excellent blogs that deserve a little recognition - Tomahawk Nation and The Good Ol' Blog

Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog (Blue-Gray Sky): Lives and dies with his Cardinals and did tremendous work throughout the football season despite the Cardinals' struggles this year - Card Chronicle

Best Big Ten Blog (MGoBlog): There are so many worthy candidtes in the Big Ten, it's tough choosing one, but Mike's work at Black Shoe Diaries is second to none - Black Shoe Diaries

Best Big 12 Blog (Burnt Orange Nation): I should probably stop the Mizzou love-fest, but Rock M Nation is really good - Rock M Nation

Best Pac-10 Blog (Bruins Nation): I thought Dave did an outstanding job at Addicted to Quack, which is the best blog name evah - Addicted to Quack

Best SEC Blog (Every Day Should Be Saturday): I couldn't decide between the two. I love them both equally - Roll Bama Roll and DawgSports

Best Non-BCS Blog (Block U): Plain and simple, one of the best written blogs on the internets - Pitch Right

MNC (Every Day Should Be Saturday): SMQ will be one of those bloggers who will eventually have the option of going "mainstream", unless of course that's not his thing. I continually ask myself where he has the time to write as much quality material, but it makes no difference. Sent from the college football gods for all to enjoy - Sunday Morning Quarterback