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Texas Tech Adds #15 & #16 Commitments

According to the Texas Tech Rivals Commitment Page, the Red Raiders have added 4 star safety Keanon Cooper and 2 star defensive end Brian Christopher.

Cooper is a huge commit for this program and I would think that he might be in for some playing time in the very near future. I could have sworn that I've read somewhere that Cooper may also play linebacker, but if the guy is fast then keep him at safety. I believe that a bigger defense is a better defense, especially if you're not sacrificing speed, and with Cooper, you're not.

I don't know much about Christopher except that he was being recruited by Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Central Arkansas and Arkansas State. Sounds like a kid that perhaps started slow in his career (Cent. Ark. and Ark. St.), but really came on strong and was being recruited by some pretty big schools by the time it was all said and done.

Keanon and Brian, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!