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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Get Him the Damn Ball Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I'm not real sure what to think about today's game with Texas. The Red Raiders have beaten 2 quality opponents, but they've been at home, and struggled on the road, although the OU game was a winnable game. I'm really interested to see if Roberson can stay in front of Augustin and who is going to match up with James. My bet is a combination of Singletary and Roberts, Texas Tech's most athletic frontcourt players, but I guess we'll see.

Game time is at 7:00 p.m. and I'll be here commenting on the open game day thread.

Texas Tech Basketball:

DMN's Brandon George features Hurst L.D. Bell standout Alan Voskuil this morning. George focuses on Voskuil's outstanding shooting abilities, here's head coach designate Pat Knight:

"He's had to really work hard for his shots," Tech head coach designate Pat Knight said. "Each year, he's become more and more of a threat in our offense. He's gone from a role player to a focus for other teams."

George makes the point that Voskuil has still got to do a better job of getting off his shot:

Early in the season after Tech beat Stephen F. Austin, Bob Knight said that he had asked his players the week leading up to that game who was the team's best shooter.

"They all said Voskuil," Knight said. "Well, I said, 'Then get him the damn ball.' "

Voskuil has had to adjust his game to get open shots. He's transformed himself from mostly a set shooter to a player who uses hard cuts to the basket and comes off screens with a purpose to find the creases created in Knight's motion offense.

"You're just not going to get a lot of spot-up shots anymore," Pat Knight said. "He's had to change."

Knowing that Voskuil has had to change certainly helps me understand why he's not more aggressive. The more I think about it, the more I tend to think that Voskuil will be more effective with a point guard who is able to drive and dish and wonder if Roberson will ever develop into this type of guard or get that chance in this motion offense.

Good work from DMN's George this morning.

LAJ's Jeff Walker preview's today's game with Texas and focuses on the Longhorns' ability to win without Durant. Assistant coach Chris Beard says that part of the reason they are as good is that they share the ball:

"They share the ball better this year, not because Durant was selfish, but guys could relax a little last year because he could create his own shot and score so well," Tech assistant coach Chris Beard said. "(D.J.) Augustin can do that this year, but he's more of a set-up guy. He prefers to get everyone involves it seems. Where Durant was a scorer, Augustin is a playmaker."

Statistically, that's not entirely accurate. Last year, Texas averaged 13.7 assists per game and this year they are only averaging 13.2. Texas may do a better of passing the ball, but it's not any reflection in their assists per game.

Beard says that despite the long game against Missouri, this team is ready to play:

"We're completely rested and at full speed," Beard said. "The pace of the game might dictate us playing more, but against Missouri and that press we wanted our best ball handlers on the floor. This game actually could be faster, so we'll have to play more. Foul trouble is always a factor, but we were able to play most of the second half against Missouri with the same guys until Charlie fouled out late."