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Preview and Open Game Day Thread: Texas Tech v. Texas


The Texas Tech Red Raiders (11-7, 2-2) v. The Texas Longhorns (15-3, 2-1)

Saturday, January 26, 2008 @ 7:00 p.m.

DFW - Channel 21
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The Numbers:

Texas Tech
K.P. Rank*
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency*
123.1 (2)
89.6 (30)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency*
97.0 (107)
Points Scored

Keys to the Game:

  1. Slow Augustin: This is the first big challenge for Roberson in his very young career an I can't wait. I'm not so much worried about Roberson's ability to score, but whether or not Roberson can sufficiently contain Augustin. Does Roberson have the quickness to stay in front of Augustin? Will Roberson be able to keep Augustin from scoring? I thought that Roberson did a pretty nice job of containing whoever he was guarding against Mizzou, but the help defense for the Red Raiders has been outstanding all year, which certainly helps all guards. This will be one to really watch.
  2. Keep James Off The Boards: LAJ's Jeff Walker has Suljagic and Rizvic starting, but if it were me, I'd be starting Singletary and rotate with Roberts throughout the game. I know that Suljagic is the team's best post defender, but James has evolved into more of a wing player and I think that Singletary is better suited to stay with James.
  3. Find Zeno: If UT starts Mason on Zeno, then this should be the matchup that Texas Tech attempts to take advantage of right out of the gate. Mason may be UT's best defender, but Zeno has shown the propensity to score on just about everyone in the last 3 games and I would expect nothing less tonight. A smaller player defending Zeno should mean more opportunities to score inside. I'm interested to see if UT will have to make an adjustment here.

Probable Starting Lineups:

Texas Tech Ht. Wt. Pos. Yr. PPG RPG APG
John Roberson 5-11 165 G Fr. 12.4 2.7 3.1
Alan Voskuil 6-3 175 G Jr. 12.5 3.9 1.4
Martin Zeno 6-5 208 G/F Sr. 17.2 4.7 3.1
Mike Singletary 6-5 226 F Fr. 6.4 2.6 1.1
Damir Suljagic 6-8 245 F Jr. 4.0 3.7 0.9
Texas Ht. Wt. Pos. Yr. PPG RPG APG
D.J. Augustin 6-0 180 G So. 20.8 6.0 6.0
A.J. Abrams 5-11 155 G Jr. 17.7 2.8 1.4
Justin Mason 6-2 198 G So. 6.7 4.1 2.4
Damion James 6-7 230 F So. 14.0 11.0 1.3
Connor Atchley 6-10 226 F/C Jr. 11.1 5.7 1.1

This is your open game day thread so feel free to sign up for a free account and leave all predictions, comments and thoughts about the game here.


*Stats can be found Ken Pomeroy, via Basketball Prospectus: K.P. Rank = the Ken Pomeroy Rank; Offensive Efficiency = the national rank in terms of points scored per 100 possessions; Defensive Efficiency = the national rank in terms of points allowed per 100 possession. Numbers in parentheses are national rank.