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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Best Moment Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Big game tomorrow night against the Texas Longhorns. Set your Tivo's for 7:00 p.m. and I believe that you can find the game on ESPN Plus. The Red Raiders have had two pretty good wins at home and keep in mind that Texas lost mightily to this Mizzou team at Mizzou. Are they ripe for a loss at home? I can't wait for this game. I'll be posting a preview and open game day thread early tomorrow.

Around the blogosphere:

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes this morning about the short bench in the win against Missouri. Walker correctly notes that there was hardly a substitute in the 2nd half, with Singletary subbing in for Burgess who fouled out. Knight had this to say about the rest of the game:

"I really thought that was the best moment that our team has had all year was when they fought back in the second half and got the game in a position where we had a chance to win it, and then closed it out," Knight said. "... I think that was the best part of the game that we've had all year."

Knight also appreciated the numerous free throws:

"Zeno and Roberson did a great job from the free-throw line and that's what we were trying to do was use up as much time and shoot free throws," Knight said. "They did a really good job with it."

Texas Tech Football:

Danny Amendola will be playing in the Texas v. The Nation game. The game will be played February 2, 2008 and will be televised on CSTV , check your cable listings . . .

Right on schedule, YouTube user huberk20 posted a 7 minute video of Danny Amendola greatness. The video was a little strange at the end, but it's Friday, you've got nothing else better to do. Also, I had completely forgotten how great his hit was against Alabama.