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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Handled the Press Well Edition

Double-T Nation News:

It's always hard to go to sleep after a win like that. For those of you who watched American Idol or whatever else was on the TV last night, the Red Raiders defeated the Missouri Tigers 92-84 (official boxscore).

You can see my review of the game here.

The Red Raiders shot 30 of their 50 free throws in the 2nd half and Roberson scored 17 of his 25 points and Zeno scored 24 of his 33 points in the 2nd half. For the first time in a really long time I wasn't worried about the offense. I can't wait to watch Roberson match up against Texas' D.J. Augustin on Saturday, that should be a challenge for Roberson, playing the best in the Big 12.

The only other thing that bothers me is the incredibly shrinking frontcourt. I hope that only playing Suljagic and Singletary were products of playing a pressing team and not a reflection on Cook's and Rizvic's improved play.

Congrats to Baylor for their 5 overtime victory over the Aggies

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes this morning about Texas Tech's ability to hold off the pressure defense of Missouri. In fact, Knight thought the ability to break the press was the best offense:

"I thought the press was our best offense," Tech head coach Bob Knight said. "I thought that with what we were able to do - move, score and get fouled - and all in all I thought we handled the press pretty well."

Walker notes that Zeno set a school record for free throws made in a game and most free throws attempted.

Zeno has been really good for his third straight game and had this to say about his team's effort:

"It's pretty impressive that we all scored in double figures," Zeno said. "We've just got to get more production off the bench, and we'll be all right."

The Columbia Tribune's Steve Walentik also has an excellent recap of last night's game.

ESPN highlights can be found here.