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Texas Tech Recruiting: Impact Players

With recruiting season about to wind down I've been trying to think of some good DTN reader questions regarding recruiting. I'd like for you guys to start considering the current commits on two different levels:

  • Who are the top 5 players who will contribute next year?
  • Who are the top 5 players who will have the greatest impact on the program in 3 years?

I realize that these lists could change in 11 days or so, but I think it's clearly evident that some of these players must have an impact next year and some of these players must impact the program in a positive manner in 3 years.

Here are my lists:

  • Top 5 next year:
    1. Brandon Sesay: He had better be able to come in and dominate immediately. Texas Tech needs him to dominate.
    2. Broderick Marshall: See above. I hope he plays multiple positions on the defensive line and can completely eff with the defense.
    3. Donnie Carona: He will be forced to make an impact from the first day. If he's as good as his video, then this kid will be good.
    4. McKinner Dixon: I'm also hoping that the added weight to the defensive end position makes a big difference.
    5. Jarell Routt: Texas Tech needs to hit on a good JUCO defensive back. It would be nice if Routt could contribute next year.
  • Top 5 in 3 years:
    1. Joey Fowler: I think that Fowler has the physical tools to be a really good player and I hope he stays at the defensive end position.
    2. Harrison Jeffers: If things go as planned then Jeffers should be contributing heavily to the success of this team, whether it be on kickoff, punt returns or simply running the ball.
    3. Donnie Carona: Again, he should have a huge impact in the kicking game for years to come.
    4. Cornelius Douglas: Because I see Douglas as an inside receiver and I don't think that there's much depth inside, I tend to think that Douglas is going to be a terror.
    5. Terry McDaniel and Chris Perry: I couldn't decide between the two. As far as McDaniel, although the recruiting class last year was good for tackles (Delpeche and Okafor), I still tend to think that he's going to make an impact. Regarding Perry, I've been praying for a 4 star defensive tackle recruit to come to Texas Tech for some time. Mr. Perry has answered those prayers.

I'd love to hear what your top 5 is for each list. Consider this an open thread to talk about the list above or recruiting in general. Remember, don't release any subscription information, but feel free to talk about recruiting for the rest of the day.