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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - A Little Baseball News Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I wanted to get a quick post up before going to the hospital to pick up the wife (see below).

Orson at EDSBS kicked off The College Football Blog Awards yesterday and it's time for you guys to nominate. If you need additional explanation, check out Rocky Top Talk. Readers of college football blogs can nominate as well by using this gizmo.

There are categories that I am sure Disco Tech! should be nominated. Do not let you Texas Tech bloggers down.

For those of you bored with the offseason already, check out Roll Bama Roll for their Girl Fight '08. Not many better ways to kill time than looking at pretty girls in scantily clad clothing.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Although I wasn't around yesterday, LAJ's Jeff Walker noted that the next 3 games are pivotal for the men's basketball team. Those next 3 games are Missouri, at Texas, and Oklahoma State at home again. There's really not a break in the Big 12 schedule, unless you count the occasional game against Iowa State, Nebraska or Colorado. Although, all of those teams are actually playing well and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Red Raiders lose games to those teams as well.

Texas Tech Football:

We noted on Saturday how Skyline safety Keanon Cooper had a good visit in Lubbock and LAJ's Don Williams caught up with Cooper about his visit. Cooper didn't commit this weekend, but hopefully he will commit by signing day.

Texas Tech Baseball:

I've fallen a little behind covering the baseball team. Andy Jarvis was named as volunteer assistant in charge of hitters and the outfield. Jarvis was one of the top hitters for Oregon State from 2000 through 2003.

As I start to cover baseball a little more closely, perhaps tech92 or anyone else with some knowledge of how collegiate baseball programs work, can expound on the role of a volunteer assistant and are they really volunteer?

The Red Raiders will be playing in the Minute Maid College Classic, with their first game starting at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, February 29, 2008 against Houston. The Red Raiders will also play Tennessee and Rice in the 3 day classic.

The season will begin with a 4 game series against Northern Illinois starting February 22, 2008. Here's your complete schedule.