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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Stop And Take a Three Edition

Double-T Nation News:

As I said yesterday, a disappointing loss, but not a devastating loss. I suppose that I've lowered my expectations for this season to the point that I understand that these types of losses are going to happen, unfortunately. Of course my wife, after the loss and before dinner, asked if I was going to be depressed. I told her no, just disappointed.

The game was there to be won and although I incorrectly said in the post game thread that Roberson had a chance to win the game with the lay-in, he obviously had the opportunity to tie. I too would have liked to have seen a three point shot to win the game (i.e., like Coach - see below), but with a freshman point guard, you're going to get freshman mistakes. Each game is a lesson. I should have the post-game review up this afternoon.

Still no official boxscore.

Texas Tech Basketball:

DMN's Brandon George has his game story, the title of the story that the "Sooners survive" and that's probably appropriate. For those of you who were worried about whether or not Knight would ever take responsibility for a loss or situation, the answer is yes:

"If we had 15 seconds or more, then I would have taken a timeout," Knight said. "What we had to do was stop and take a three. That was my fault. You have an open-court situation, you have to stop and take a three. If we miss it, they win, and if we make it, we win. But we just didn't get that chance."

It sounds like Coach Knight isn't blaming Roberson for driving to the basket. Like I said above, so long as Roberson learns his lesson from this game, I'm okay. And yes, that's a difficult sentence to write and a tad bit depressing.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game story, and Walker takes a hard look at the rebounding, or lack thereof. As Walker notes, Texas Tech was out-rebunded by double-digits for the 2nd consecutive game, while Texas Tech only had 1 offensive rebound, Oklahoma had 11 - Yikes!

Although no Texas Tech reference, a pretty good read this morning from FWST's Wendell Barnhouse on the NCAA basketball tournament and the BCS bowl situation as the NCAA has formed a "task force" to review post-season football. The article might be best summed up by the following:

And the connection to college basketball is... college football's commercialization and exploitation of student-athletes benefits schools and conferences. College hoops' commercialization and exploitation of student-athletes benefits the NCAA.

Without CBS' $6 billion contract to televise the NCAA Tournament, NCAA president Myles Brand wouldn't be making more than $800,000 a year, and most of his upper-management staff wouldn't be making comfortable six-figure numbers.

I have never thought about the BCS from this angle and perhaps I have a better understanding as to why college presidents and AD's around the country and unwilling to release their stranglehold on the BCS, if they do, they give it up to the NCAA to make all of the money.

Interesting stuff on an early Sunday morning.

Texas Tech Football:

From DMN's recruiting section, Skyline's Keanon Cooper, a safety, is visiting Texas Tech this weekend. Cooper is #13 on DMN's Area Top 100 and had this to say about his upcoming visit to Texas Tech:

Cooper said if he's blown away by Texas Tech, he could commit this weekend. "It's the school that's been coming after me for awhile," Cooper said.

He plans to let things play out, but his cousin, Victor Hunter of Irving Nimitz, is a backup middle linebacker at Tech.

And his family wants him to stay close to home.

I'm pretty sure that Texas Tech will be light on safety by the time that Cooper gets to play, getting him to commit would be a good fit for Cooper and our Red Raiders.