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I'm Out Until Tuesday

Tomorrow morning my sweet wife has one last surgery in what we hope gets her back to "normal". She's has a herniated disc that needs repair and surgery is scheduled for 6:30 a.m.

As I think about my wife, I've been meaning to mention her Christmas gift to me for quite some time, but I've just forgotten for whatever reason. If anything, it shows how well my wife knows me.

I am a regular reader of UniWatch. And when I say regular reader I mean that it's one of the few sites that I just don't miss. Some time in November I was mentioning UniWatch to my wife and had pointed out something interesting. I suppose she looked around and noticed that they had a membership program. My wife's thought: It's impossible to buy for him, I'll buy him something that he can't get in a store. The best part about the membership program was this:

The heart of the program is the official Uni Watch membership card, which comes fully laminated and which you can customize with your own name and number on the back, just like a uniform. You can either choose to go with Uni Watch colors (in which case you can opt to have your name lettering be vertically arched, radially arched, straight, below the number, or no name at all), or you can choose the design style of your favorite team. Most MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA teams are available, plus we can do some throwback designs, most NCAA designs, and you officiating types can opt for zebra stripes.

That meant that I kinda got my very own jersey with my name on it.

If you are a complete uniform geek (and I mean that in the most benevolent way), like myself, then you're thinking that this just might be the coolest thing ever. Despite having never played for the Red Raiders, I have my very own jersey with my name on it, sorta. Once again, I realize that this probably does not put in the category of coolest guy in the room, but I think it's pretty awesome that my wife embraces my passion for all things sports and all things Texas Tech. Also my wife knows that the #4 is my favorite number, it's not because I have a man-crush on Todd Walker.

If you want to check out all of the other jerseys then go to the gallery.

Also, in case your curious, Scott Turner does the design work for all of the jerseys and he does a great job with graphic design at Superba Graphics.

Bottom line, big props to my wife for knowing so well.

Feel free to send any good thoughts, prayers, karma and/or mojo our way and I'll see you on Tuesday.