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Positional Reviews and Previews: Receivers

This is series of positional reviews, which entail a look back and a look forward at each position for the Red Raiders. We'll try and take a look at who is gone, who remains and who we can look forward to playing in the not so distant future.

Season Review and Preview: Receivers

Who Is Leaving: Danny Amendola, Grant Walker, Kelly Hildenbrandt, and L.A. Reed, sorta. Amendola, we all hope, will be moving on the NFL where we hope that his usefulness on special teams and catching the ball get him on an NFL squad. I really liked Walker and thought he was a solid receiver all year long. Hildenbrandt didn't see much time. L.A. Reed is moving to safety which means that he won't really be catching passes for the Red Raiders in the near future, but he will probably be playing.

Let's take a look at each one of these players and their careers.

  • Danny Amendola:
    Year Rec Rec Yds Rec TD
    2004 13 119 1
    2005 34 395 3
    2006 48 487 5
    2007 109 1,245 6

    Of course we shouldn't forget Amendola's work returning punts where he returned 116 punts for 1,283 yards and 1 touchdown.

  • Grant Walker:
    Year Rec Rec Yds Rec TD
    2006 23 264 0
    2007 30 353 2

  • Kelly Hildenbrandt:
    Year Rec Rec Yds Rec TD
    2006 0 0 0
    2007 1 2 0

  • L.A. Reed:
    Year Rec Rec Yds Rec TD
    2005 11 136 0
    2006 12 157 2
    2007 16 189 0

Who Returns: More than I can count. I'm kidding of course, but if you're at all worried about there being depth at the receiver position then you are sorely mistaken. I thought last year's recruiting class was stellar, and I still do, but more than that, last year's class infused a number of talented receivers into the mix for Texas Tech. I'd love to get one or two super talented receivers for the 2008 recruiting class, but I certainly won't consider it a failure if we don't.

Back to who returns, let's take a look at the stats from last year:

Player Ht/Wt Year Rec Rec Yds Rec TD
Michael Crabtree, #5 6-3/208 RS Fr. 134 1,962 22
Eric Morris, #32 5-8/174 Jr. 75 767 9
Edward Britton, #27 6-1/173 RS So. 48 631 4
Lyle Leong, #83 6-1/165 Fr. 15 174 1
Detron Lewis, #22 6-0/198 Fr. 10 120 3
Adrian Reese, #80 6-7/207 So. 6 74 0
Brik Brinker, #89 6-2/180 RS Fr. 2 20 0
Landon Hoefer, #14 6-1/195 So. 1 15 0
Jacoby Franks, #8 6-1/182 RS Fr. - - -
Rashad Hawk, #11 6-4/187 RS Fr. - - -
Tramain Swindall, #13 6-3/176 RS Fr. - - -
Todd Walker, #4 6-1/184 Jr. - - -
Adam James, #87 6-3/211 Fr. - - -
Gerardo Acevedo, #24 6-1/200 RS Fr. - - -

Let's group these players into the "knowns" and the "unknowns". We have seen most the Knowns on the football field and the Unknowns were either redshirted or sat out last year.

  • Knowns:
    • Michael Crabtree: Best receiver in the nation? Check. One of the most dangerous players in the open field? Check. I've run out of superlatives to describe Mr. Crabtree other than he might be the most talented player to ever grace the scarlet and black.
    • Eric Morris: I loved Morris' uncanny ability to get into the endzone last year. Nine touchdowns is amazing. I think he starts next year.
    • Edward Britton: I love Britton's speed and I thought he played better as the year progressed. This team doesn't have many veterans that can stretch the field. I like having Britton on the field.
    • Lyle Leong: Leong should back up Crabtree, but I think with his ability to catch the ball, he catches almost everything thrown his way. I'd like to see more of Leong.
    • Detron Lewis: Again, another guy where we saw glimpses of something good, but I need to see more. I think he starts where Danny left off and could have a huge year.
    • Adrian Reese: Would love to see more Reese, especially in the endzone. I would think that 6-7 height would be idea in and around the endzone.
    • Brik Brinker and Landon Hoefer: I really don't know much about either of these guys other than they're just guys.
  • Unknowns:
    • Jacoby Franks, Rashad Hawk and Tramain Swindall: All of these guys have similar size, over 6 feet, and could use a few more pounds. Franks and Hawk have 4.5 speed, which means that they are plenty fast to play receiver for Texas Tech. My guess is that they were all raw and have a certain amount of ability, but they needed a year in the scheme and putting on some weight. I get they feeling that all of these guys have the potential to bring something to the table, I just don't know which one of them it's going to be, or perhaps all of them will bring something.
    • Todd Walker: In Walker's sophomore year, he caught 21 passes for 214 yards in 11 games in 2006. Walker has talent and I think he backs up Morris, although I also think he could back up Lewis if necessary. Remember, that Walker caught 5 passes for 68 yards against Minnesota in the 2006 Insight Bowl. Walker can play.
    • Adam James: I think that eventually James takes over for Schaefer and right now it appears that linebacker Ryan Hale is being groomed to take over Schaefer's position next year. James seems like the all-around utility guy who could catch a pass, block in protection, and even run the ball (he has the genes to do it) if needed.

Who Is Going To Be Here: Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, your guess is probably better than mine since I don't subscribe to any of the recruiting services. Right now, it's all speculation, except for of course for recent commit Cornelius Douglas.

Player Ht/Wt School Rec Att Rec Yds Rec TD
Cornelius Douglas 5-9/180 Lawton, OK - - -

Depth Chart: Keep in mind that any depth chart does include current commitments and there may be additional commitments that could change everything. In other words, we're all just guessing.

I find placing receivers very difficult because I think Coach Leach & Co. will change their mind based on getting the best talent on the field and not based on a receiver fitting a particular position. Don't get me wrong, I think he does tend to do that, but I believe that with Leach it's all about maximizing talent. Let me get a couple of random thoughts out there:

  • Please feel free to critique, I'm just guessing after the starting four and even that may be a stretch if Hawk, Swindall or Franks impress in the spring.
  • I'm trying to put the most talented players on the field.
  • I'm assuming that Crabtree leaves after his sophomore year.
  • I'm not sure how to get Leong, Hawk, Franks and Swindall on the field at the same time, but I think each one of these guys have some serious talent and I think it's imperative to get them on the field.
  • I did not list Brinker, Hoefer or Acevedo simply because I don't know a thing about any of these guys. Sorry.
  • I admittedly struggle with where to put Reese. I'm not sure if he's better inside or outside.
  • Anything after 2008, I'm just guessing, and even in 2008 I'm guessing as well.
Year Starter Backup Backup
2008 Michael Crabtree, So. Lyle Leong, So. Jacoby Franks, RS Fr.
Eric Morris, Sr. Todd Walker, Sr. Cornelius Douglas, RS
Edward Britton, Jr. Rashad Hawk, RS Fr. Jared Flannel, RS Fr.
Detron Lewis, So. Adrian Reese, Jr. Tramain Swindall, RS Fr.
2009 Lyle Leong, Jr. Jacoby Franks, So.
Cornelius Douglas, RS Fr. Jared Flannel, So.
Edward Britton, Sr. Rashad Hawk, So. Jared Flannel, So.
Detron Lewis, Jr. Adrian Reese, Sr. Tramain Swindall, So.
2010 Lyle Leong, Sr. Jacoby Franks, Jr.
Cornelius Douglas, So. Jared Flannel, Jr.
Rashad Hawk, Jr. Jared Flannel, Jr.
Detron Lewis, Sr. Tramain Swindall, Jr.

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