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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - I Like Cornelius Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Well, behind the scenes we're test driving the SB Nation 2.0 and let me just say that when this new platform is rolled out you will be thoroughly impressed. There's a ton of cool stuff. The look of DTN will be completely different, but it will still be based on the idea that content is king. I'll try and warn you when it comes, but I think you're going to like it and you'll probably lose at least 1 work day checking out every feature.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Jeff Walker wrote a story that wasn't online early yesterday morning about the men's basketball team struggling in front of a hostile Gallagher Iba Arena crowd. I think Roberson and the other freshmen will be fine, especially given a home game on Wednesday where the crowd will be 100% behind them. It will definitely be interesting to see how this team reacts.

Texas Tech Football:

Last night DTN received word that the Red Raiders got their 12th commitment of the recruiting season, Cornelius Douglas. Last night, LAJ's Don Williams story wasn't permanent, but it is this morning. Douglas is going to play receiver for Texas Tech, but was playing quarterback for Lawton, OK last year and played cornerback early in his career. Here's Douglas on the prospect of changing positions:

"I like the position,'' he said. "I don't think it's going to be too hard to change from playing quarterback.''

Once again, welcome aboard Cornelius and Git Your Guns Up!

College Football:

For those of you wondering, former Michigan quarterback Ryan Mallett may be headed to Arkansas and Bobby Petrino (hat-tip to the Wizard of Odds).

Fanblogs details Florida head coach Urban Meyer throwing his team under the bus after the bowl loss to Michigan, namely the seniors, and an assistant coach crying because of the rear-chewing dished out by Meyer. Interesting to say the least.

Rocky Top Talk noted that uber-recruit and receiver Jameel Owens was in the car with current Volunteers Gerald Jones and Ahmad Paige who were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Not exactly how you want to show around your recruits.