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Texas Tech Adds #14 Commitment: Donnie Carona

Hey, hey, hey! According to the Rivals Commitment List, kicker Donnie Carona, has committed to our Texas Tech Red Raiders.

The most impressive think about Donnie is that he's an athlete (runs a 4.6/40), but he was selected as a first team running back for TAPPS first-team Division I all-state for Kelly High School (you can see the pictures here - ignore the fumble), can punt and kick the hell out of the ball (see the video here). You can see some of Donnie's stats from 2004 to 2006 here.

You know what's coming next . . . Donnie, welcome to Texas Tech, and Git Your Guns Up!

[editor's note, by Seth C] I just got done watching Donnie's video and you need to watch the whole thing. This kid is booming kicks from what would be his team's own 40 yard line with 15 yards to spare. I know, I shouldn't get so excited about a kicker, but it's impressive.