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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Joe King Commits Edition

Double-T Nation News:

It's pretty quiet this morning, only a little bit of news from Don Williams on a potential recruit. I did post the review and preview the running backs last night. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

I got an email last night from a reader who was upset at Knight's comments made at Martin Zeno after the loss to Oklahoma State, and I thought that I should have made my stance a little more clear. I made mention that both Coach Leach and Coach Knight have openly criticized players in the past and I've failed to even consider whether or not this is an appropriate action, at least with Coach Leach. Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, I've failed to even mention whether it's appropriate. So now I'm in a predicament. I've failed to mention it before, but now the issue with Knight has reared it's ugly head. The emailer mentioned the situation with Coach Gundy and although I understand standing up for your players, Bobby Reid did eventually leave the program. So whether or not Gundy stood up for Reid in public, it sure didn't make him feel wanted in Stillwater any longer. So where does that leave me? I feel like I've painted myself in a verbal corner. Personally, I like Knight as a coach, but I could do without some of the ancillary issues. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. It's an all or nothing proposition. You get the good with the bad, and although there is bad with just about every coach, I still like both Leach and Knight as head coaches of their respective programs. They each win more than they don't, graduate players and don't get in trouble with the NCAA. Do they have their warts? You bet, but despite those warts I'm just don't think that either Leach or Knight should go.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that Joe King, a 6-7/310 offensive tackle from Putnam City North High School, Oklahoma should commit to Texas Tech later this week. The link isn't permanent, so make sure and visit the main page if it isn't there later this morning. King was impressed with Texas Tech and will hold off on his commitment for a couple of days:

"That's where I'm going to be,'' King said Sunday. "I'm taking the advice of my head coach. He told me to go down, come back and wait two days (before making a commitment). He's seen players that liked it, made their decision and then didn't like it. So I'm kind of doing what he asked me to do. But yeah, that's where I'm going to be.''


"It was great,'' King said of his Tech visit. "I like everything about the university. I'm really impressed with the academics. My parents enjoyed the training, the coaching, the academics, everything about it. It's definitely something that me and my parents are excited about.''

Welcome to Lubbock Joe and get your guns up!