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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Knight Goes for #900 Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Hat-tip to Rock'M Nation, who hat-tipped Double Extra Point, for the Big 12 coaches, South Park syle (click here for the original size):


Texas Tech Basketball:

There is a ton of hype on Coach Knight looking to get win #900, but let's focus on the game first.

LAJ's Todd Walker previews the game and his feature story is on the similar nature of both Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, in particular how both teams had bigger expectations, but have so far underachieved. I did like a couple of quotes from Coach Knight. Up first, on what his team needs to approve upon:

"It might be, Where don't we need to improve?' " Knight said. "There are a lot of things we haven't done well. I think I probably over-estimated just exactly what I thought we might be able to do in different phases of the game. With the exception of a game here or a game there or part of a game, we haven't approached the level of competency that I thought we might have."

Pretty honest, but I think pretty accurate assessment.

Coach Knight has some praise for freshman point guard John Roberson:

"I think that John has really worked hard at developing the right approach to this level of basketball and the fact that every time he plays there are going to be guys as good as he is and in most cases bigger and in a lot of cases quicker," Knight said. "I think John has understood that his greatest asset is being smart and he has worked very hard at developing an intelligent approach to his play."


DMN's Brandon George has an excellent feature on Coach Knight on the cusp of #900, game milestones. A nice history lesson.

FWST's Dwain Price also features Knight, who gives credit to #900 to longevity. Here's a nice quote from John Roberson who reciprocates the praise to Coach Knight:

"He's the best teacher I've been around," Roberson said.

"He teaches us so much about the game and the fundamentals and stuff you might overlook when you're a player.

"Everybody's talented on this team, and you might forget about the fundamentals, and he always stresses how to shoot."

In the SAEN, they are predicting that Texas Tech will finish 10th in the Big 12. SAEN's Al Carter, takes a look at the freshmen who are dominating Big 12 play.

Last but certainly not least, go grab another cup of coffee and check on Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider.