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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Big 12 Preview Editionn

Double-T Nation News:

With conference play about to start, I thought it would be a good time to start a new poll. How many conference games will the men's basketball team win? I'm just using even numbers so if you think Texas Tech will win 5 games then round down to 4.

In the last poll, we had 200 votes and Graham Harrell edged out Alex Trlica for the offensive MVP of the Gator Bowl.

Tomorrow morning I'll be posting a preview and open gameday thread of tomorrow's game with Oklahoma State.

Texas Tech Basketball:

We have a bunch of Big 12 basketball previews this morning. Up first is DMN's Chip Brown who talks about the overall strength of the Big 12 scheduling. Next is the DMN's Big 12 Basketball Preview and has this to say about our Red Raiders:

What's the story? Tech struggles vs. big, physical teams, and its talented freshmen class continues to improve but lacks consistency. Plano-ex John Roberson has taken over at point guard but his shot selection and turnovers have coach Bob Knight shaking his head at times. Zeno has tried to take up where Jarrius Jackson, Tech's No. 2 career scorer, left off. But Zeno will have to be more consistent to keep Tech competitive in the Big 12. G Alan Voskuil, the team's best shooter, doesn't get the ball enough. He is hitting a staggering 60 percent from 3-point range (33 of 55), best in the Big 12.

NCAA Tournament-bound? No. This team is a year away. Think NIT.

The FWST has their Big 12 Men's Basketball Conference Preview and is picking Texas Tech to finish 8th in the conference:

What to expect: Who knows? The Red Raiders have a nice mix at times, at others don't, and lack an inside game. As has been the case more often than not, Bob Knights' teams at Tech are wildly inconsistent from game to game. But when they're good, they're good.

In LAJ's Jeff Walker's Above the Rim blog, he predicts that Texas Tech will finish 6th, going 8-8 in the conference.

The Chron's Terrance Harris has his Big 12 Notebook and says that whether you like him or not, Knight is a winner.