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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-07-2007: UTEP Gameday Edition

DTN News:

Happy game day to Red Raider fans. I'll be live-blogging in the comments during the game. I know, it stinks that it's not on television and I'll be sitting at my computer listening to the radio, but I'll be here.

According to the poll on the right, most of you feel that Texas Tech will roll today. I hope like hell you're right.

Texas Tech Football:

I'm going to get to the non-LAJ stuff first. DMN's Brandon George has his UTEP v. Texas Tech preview up and is predicting a 45-10 Texas Tech victory.

The SAEN previews most of the Big 12 games, including Texas Tech where Tim Griffin is predicting Texas Tech to win, 38-20.

LAJ's Don Williams and the rest of the LAJ staff have a number of articles this morning. First up, Don has an article on the task ahead for the UTEP defense and offense. There's nothing too revealing in the article itself, but here's coach Leach on their wide receivers:

"I think there's more to be revealed on them," he said. "They've got some really good receivers with big pedigrees, and there is a certain level of timing that goes on with people getting on the same page."

Price said the Miners' dropped too many passes in the opener, but their special teams saved them. That, and the defense, of course. UTEP gave eight defensive players their first career starts versus UNM.

"They might be better than the ones that left, for all we know," Leach said. "They did look fast, and they did play hard the entire game. It was a gutsy win over New Mexico. It was a body-punch, last-man-standing kind of deal. It takes quite a bit of character to prevail in that situation."

Does anyone else think it's somewhat funny that Leach says the receivers have a good pedigree, but they aren't actually good? This is referring to Sam and Rouse starting their careers at Florida State as highly rated recruits.

Don also has a feature on senior linebacker Kellen Tillman. I've made it known that Tillman is not my favorite player for various reasons, and with that out of the way, he's probably a great kid who is playing as best he knows how to play.

LAJ's Jeff Walker also has a feature on all-world UTEP safety Quintin Demps. Yes, this kid will play on Sundays.

The LAJ has compiled Three Keys to Victory for Texas Tech and for UTEP as well as a Tale of the Tape, which is a small blurb on each position for each team.

Big 12 Football:

SAEN's Tim Griffin has his weekly Big 12 Insider.