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Texas Tech Red Raider notes for 09-07-2007: P. Jones to Leave Team?

DTN News:

I won't be at Saturday's game as I will be spending time with the wife after she was away all last weekend. I'll follow the game on the radio and on my computer.

Texas Tech Football:

This morning, we're going to lead with LAJ's and Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook where he's reporting that sophomore defensive end Phillip Jones is now on non-scholarship status. Here's the word from Coach Leach:

"He's handling some personal stuff," Leach said. "His status is walk-on if we see him; it's not-on-the-team if we don't."

Leach said he last saw Jones on Wednesday.

I'm not sure what to say other than I hope that Phillip is okay and is getting his life in order. We'll talk about depth at the defensive end position tomorrow.

In other news from Don, redshirt freshman safety Steven Harris has rejoined the team (I don't recall him leaving the team) and is part of first team kickoff coverage and punt return. Harris will wear number 41, while Bront Bird will wear number 45 and freshman defensive end Adrian Hamilton will wear number 95. Don also has some interesting information on Hamilton as well as some notes on Amendola and Morris returning punts, so go read the whole article for additional details.

LAJ's Don Williams writes this morning that not all starting defensive positions are safe. I noted in my game review that I thought some of the backup linebackers made more plays than the starters and I liked these numbers from Don:

A lot of those backups made something happen. Ten got onto the stat sheet in some way other than just a tackle. Safety Anthony Hines made a tackle behind the line and had an interception.

Tackle Colby Whitlock had a sack, and ends Sandy Riley and Daniel Howard and linebacker Blake Collier each registered a tackle for loss.

Ryan Hale caused a fumble that fellow linebacker Marlon Williams returned 67 yards to set up a touchdown. Cornerback Marcus Bunton broke up a pass, and safety Daniel Charbonnet picked one off.

None of those players started, but they all give defensive coaches something to think about - if nothing else, that the team's depth looks promising.

Go read the whole article.

DMN's Brandon George writes this morning about the improved and confident Texas Tech defense. George has this from Darcel McBath:

"Our defensive line did a great job containing them," said Tech junior safety Darcel McBath of Gainesville. "We played well, especially in the red zone. We kind of tightened up the defense. We need to improve on not letting them get in the red zone."

George also has notes on the line, Potts and Woods in the article itself.

DMN's Kevin Sherrington has an excellent piece on former Texas Tech coach and current Appalachian State head coach, Jerry Moore. Sherrington focuses on Moore's time at Texas Tech and his eventual rise to the top of the college football world. This is an article that you need to read in its entirety.

For notes on all things UTEP, go to the El Paso Times, Miners Mania.

Big 12 and Miscellaneous News:'s Olin Buchanan has his review of the Big 12 in his Big 12 Breakdown.

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse's College Football Insider has notes on every major conference. Good stuff.

Excellent article from the Chron's Dale Robertson about the 1966 Texas Western basketball team, the first entire team to be inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Hat-tip to Lone Star Ball for the diary of a baseball non-prospect. Plain and simple, it is a must read.