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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-06-07: The Crabtree Edition

DTN News:

I've got a few more items to add to the Texas Tech v. UTEP preview and I hope to get this posted during my lunch hour.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that center Shawn Byrnes may be out for Saturday's game against UTEP and Stephen Hamby would probably get the start. Don notes that Byrnes was walking in an orthopedic boot.

Texas Tech does not disclose the severity or even acknowledge injuries so we just have to hope that this isn't serious. Let Byrnes sit for a couple of games so that he's healthy for conference play.

FWST's Dwain Price has a feature on Michael Crabtree and his early success. Crabtree feels that he and Harrell have a connection:

"I look at Graham and he looks at me, and we have this connection," Crabtree said. "So that makes it even better that we have this connection, then we just go from there."

It's doubtful that Harrell and Crabtree had much time to work together last year, but I get the feeling that these guys spent a lot of time together in the spring and early this season, making sure that they would be as good as the guys who left.

Crabtree is confident and I like my athletes to be confident, so I liked this bit:

Asked how many receptions he believes he'll make this year, Crabtree shrugged and said: "How many [Harrell] puts in the air, I'll just go and get them. I'll just follow him. He throws it and I'll go and catch it."

DMN's Brandon George notes that Michael Crabtree already set a record: receptions within 3 quarters for 12, which is better than Robert Johnson's 11 receptions against SMU last year.

For those of you who can't get enough Crabtree, here's his 42 yard touchdown reception. Thanks YouTube user Laconic913.

Big 12 Football:

It's official, Dan Beebe is the new Big 12 Commissioner. DMN's Chip Brown has more on Beebe and his character and background.

Huh. BearMeat picked up on an interesting story on an incident between two female athletes in a local park and it involves a knife fight.