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Game Review: Northwestern State 7, Texas Tech 75

I didn't get to see any of this game, so all analysis is based on my observations of the game through the stats. No grades from me today, but feel free to hand out your own.

  • Quarterback: Actually a somewhat human day for Harrell, at least in terms of statistics. In the ever-telling yards per attempt, Harrell averaged 8.45, which is down from last week, but his attempts per touchdown was 8.00, which means that he was pretty efficient in scoring, which is the most important statistic. Harrell completed 65.00% of his passes and considering the starting field position for most of the drives, his low yardage wasn't too surprising. Another excellent game for Harrell, it starts getting interesting this week and thereafter.

    Tyler Potts also entered the game and was pretty impressive, at least statistically. Running through the same numbers above, Potts had a whopping 16.33 yards per attempt, which is outstanding and an incredibly low 4.00 attempts per touchdown. I would imagine that Potts' time came against 2nd and 3rd team NW St. Demons

    Steven Sheffield also saw time, but didn't attempt a pass.

    Grade: ?

  • Running Back: Woods was effective when he did run the ball, averaging 9.0 yards a carry, but he only managed 5 carries, 2 of those carries went for touchdowns. Just a theory, Leach hates running in games like this until the game is complete out of reach. I think he likes to get the score up and get his guys out, running the ball just prolongs the process.

    Kobey Lewis only saw 3 carries for 4 yards and he's seeing less and less of a role. He's just so dang small. I like him as a player, but 1.3 yards a carry just isn't very much.

    Aaron Crawford saw a bulk of the action, carrying the ball 13 times for 30 yards. Only 2.3 yards a carry, but the offense was so efficient when he was in the game with Potts that I don't see the lack of a running game a detriment.

    David Schaefer also saw some time at running back.

    Grade: ?

  • Receivers: As Red Blooded noted in the comments section, Michael Crabtree is an alien. He's not human and he's just dominating right now. Crabtree had 8 more catches for 145 yards for an 18.12 average and 3 more touchdowns. Simply dominating.

    Overall, 12 receivers caught passes and it was a productive day for the entire bunch for the most part. Perhaps, most impressive was freshman Detron Lewis' 63 yards and 2 touchdowns, including a 50 yard reception for a touchdown. Rather than talk about numbers, here they are: yards and touchdowns.

    Player Yards TD
    Crabtree 145 3
    G. Walker 78 0
    Amendola 71 0
    D. Lewis 63 2
    E. Morris 42 1
    A. Crawford 29 0
    Reed 23 0
    Britton 21 0
    Leong 17 1
    Reese 28 0
    Hoefer 15 0
    Woods 2 1

    Kelly Hildenbrandt and Brik Brinker also saw playing time but didn't record a catch.

    Grade: ?

  • Offensive Line: The line gave up 0 sacks for the day, Louis Vasquez had an illegal blocking penalty in the 2nd quarter, Marlon Winn had a false start in the 4th quarter, Justin Keown had a tripping penalty also in the 4th quarter.

    The nice part here. No false starts and no holding penalties. That's what's important to me.

    Rylan Reed, Louis Vasquez, Stephen Hamby, Brandon Carter and Jake Johnson all started last night as Byrnes sat out and Carter was on crutches after the game. Unlike other coaches, Coach Leach does not discuss injury information.

    Also seeing time were Landon Burge, Marlon Winn, Chris Olson, and Justin Keown. If Carter is out for any extended period of time, then I'd imagine that Olson fills in, possibly freshman Lonnie Edwards, although that seems like a long shot.

    Grade: ?

  • Defensive Line: Starting Jake Ratliff and Brandon Williams at the end positions and Colby Whitlock and Rajon Henley at the tackles. Also seeing time was Clint Stoffels, Brian Jones and Richard Jones a defensive tackle and Sandy Riley, Daniel Howard and Tyler Yenzer at defensive end. That's your rotation boys and girls, unless something significant happens otherwise.

    As far as defensive tackle production is concerned, Brandon Williams had 4 tackles, 2.5 of those were for a loss and had 1.5 sacks and 1 quarterback hurry. Daniel Howard also had 4 tackles. 0.5 for a loss and had 0.5 sacks. Richard Jones had 4 tackles and 0.5 for a loss while Rajon Henley and Colby Whitlock each had 3 tackles. Sandy Riley and Tyler Yenzer each had 1 tackle a piece.

    More importantly, the line limited NW St. to 15 yards rushing for the entire evening. No matter who you play, that's impressive. And it wasn't that NW St. didn't run the ball because the Demons did have 36 attempts.

    Grade: ?

  • Linebackers: The starters were Brian Duncan on the strong side, Paul Williams in the middle and Marlon Williams on the weakside. Linebackers also seeing time was Julius Howard, and Sam Fehoko (I know, the official game stats say Steven Harris is 41, but the official roster says that it's Fehoko. I'm going to go with Fehoko playing rather than not.) Tyrone Sonier saw playing time, thus burning his redshirt (I think?). Ryan Hale, Victor Hunter, Chad Hill and Kellen Tillman all saw time.

    Brian Duncan led the team with 5 tackles and 2.0 tackles for a loss, Victor Hunter had 4 tackles with 1.0 for a loss while Marlon Williams had 4 tackles. Paul Williams registered 2 tackles.

    Don Williams' Football Tech Notes from yesterday started that Bront Bird also played and had 4 tackles, but he's not listed in the official boxscore as playing.

    A pretty quiet night for the linebackers, which hopefully means that the defensive line kept the linemen off of the linebackers and they weren't needed to make too many plays.

    I did like how Duncan started and played well. If we're going to keep Tillman from starting, it starts there.

    Grade: ?

  • Secondary: Last, but not least, the secondary starters were Jamar Wall and Chris Parker at cornerback and Anthony Hines and Darcel McBath at safety. Hines started for Joe Garcia who was apparently out with an injury. Also seeing time at cornerback (I believe) was Marcus Bunton, LaRon Moore, and Pete Richardson. While, Daniel Charbonnet, Lance Fuller, LaShawn Vation, Jordy Rowland, and Steven Harris all saw time at safety.

    Wall tied Brian Duncan with 5 tackles, while Anthony Hines had 3 tackles, McBath had 2 and the rest had 1 tackle, if they had one at all. Of course when there are only 20 passing attempts for the entire game, you hope that there are not many tackles made by the secondary.

    Grade: ?

  • Special Teams: Good times here with the special teams. Texas Tech didn't punt one time, LaCour was on easy street Saturday night.

    Alex Trlica had 11 kickoffs and averaged 65.7 yards a kick off, with 5 touchbacks. That's essentially getting the ball to the 5 yard line and that's not bad. Cory Fowler kicked off once for 61.0 yards.

    Trlica had 2 field goal attempts, both in the 2nd quarter, missing from 44 yards and hitting a 51 yard field goal.

    Danny Amendola, Eric Morris, Steven Harris and Jamar Wall each returned punts and Amendola had a 47 yard punt return. L.A. Reed took both kickoffs and averaged a little over 25 yards each return.

    Defensively, Texas Tech limited the Demons to 16.85 yards a kick-off return, with the longest kickoff return being 24 yards. Not bad. No punt returns (see above) and no field goal attempts.

    Grade: ?