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Texas Tech Red Raider Gameday Notes for 09-03-2007

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DTN News:

It took long enough, but I've updated the DTN Blogroll, adding a number of new blogs that just didn't get added before.

Although a week late, would enough of you be interested in starting a Yahoo! pick-em league? The winner would receive a Double T Nation t-shirt. If you are interested send me an email or leave a comment below.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams previews the game and notes that this SMU team is improved. Coach Leach on the Mustangs:

"You'll see teams with similar schemes, but SMU plays with better technique," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "You know they're always going to have good pad level, and they're always going to be in the best position they can be. You have to out-execute them, and so it makes you have good technique as well."

Don also has Texas Tech-SMU Game Facts.

FWST's Dwain Price has a nice article cornerback Jamar Wall. An interesting note at the end of the article:

One story making the rounds in Lubbock is that when former Red Raiders wide receiver Wes Welker returned to Tech last spring for workouts, he said Wall covered him better than anybody had in the NFL. And Welker, who left Tech in 2003, now plays for the New England Patriots.

Graham Harrell also says something as well:

"That's a credit to him that he was that great of an offensive player in high school and he comes in and he's definitely successful on the defensive side of the ball," Harrell said. "If we need a back we'll put him in and he'll be great there, there's no doubt about it, because that's how great of an athlete he is.

"But we need him at DB; he's making great plays out there and he's going to be an unbelievable DB for us. But maybe we'll sneak him in on offense and use him in a couple of secret packages."

I don't recall ever reading anything where Wall was included so this may be something to watch for as the season progresses.

SAEN's Tim Griffin has a preview of today's game and picks the Red Raiders to roll, 34-17.

DMN's Kate Hairopoulos previews today's game and mentions that SMU's defensive end Cory Muse is officially out for today's game. Hairopoulos thinks the key to Texas Tech's victory is Graham Harrell, the offensive line and the new receivers expose an SMU defense and the Texas Tech secondary slows the Mustangs.

Hairopoulos also has an article from the SMU perspective, that this could be a statement game for the Mustangs.

The AP's Jaime Aron takes us back to 2004 when SMU head coach Phil Bennett let Coach Leach know that he wasn't happy with a late touchdown.

The Chron's Terrance Harris also has a preview.