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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - NW St. Game Day Edition

DTN News:

Lots of game-day links this morning. I wish it was a worthy opponent, but here's what probably happened. Texas Tech decided to play OSU early it left a gaping hole in the schedule. There being few teams avaialable, the Red Raiders were forced to take on NW St. SMQ notes that there were 5 teams this week that are also facing I-AA opponents. Except of course OSU, couldn't something have been worked out with one of these schools? I know it's not that easy, but I'd rather play New Mexico State than NW St. I'm sure we could have just traded games with NM State, besides, NW St. probably would have preferred to traveled up the road to Arkansas-Pine Bluff than Lubbock.

The game-day thread goes up later this morning.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has an excellent feature on inside receivers Eric Morris and Danny Amendola. No quotes, just go read the whole thing, it's worth your time this morning.

Don's game-preview article focuses on the change at defensive coordinator and Coach Leach thinks that this team is focused and ready to go:

"All the elements that we need to win our games and be a really good team, they're all there, as far as coaches, as far as players. We just need to do it all together. Take any of the positive elements, do them together longer, and we're a heck of a team."

LAJ's Jeff Walker focuses on the Northwestern State Demons this morning and the challenge they have ahead of them.

See also the Tale of the Tape, where the LAJ belives that Texas Tech has every edge (and they do), the Texas Tech keys to the game and the Northwestern State keys to the game.

SAEN's Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider focues on Coach Leach's week, from the press conference, to the dismissal of Setencich, to the practice philosphy, to how hands-on Leach will be now that McNeill is in charge. Excellent work by Tim. This is where you go get your second cup of coffee and read the whole thing. Lots of additional Texas Tech notes, which is great considering the majority of readers in the San Antonio area are Longhorns and Aggies.

Tim also picks all of the Big 12 games and is picking Texas Tech to win, but also belives that the Red Raiders hold NW St. to 7 points. That's more like it.

FWST's Dwain Price game-day article focuses on the defense as well and has this from Coach McNeill on what he expects from the defense:

"That's what our goal is," McNeill said. "And our goal is to make the kids realize that as well. Our offense has a high reputation, and those guys do a great job moving the football. And we've got to do a great job of doing our part [on defense]." Snip

"We recruited everybody that we have on our defense, we liked them on film, we enjoyed them on film, we created them off the film," McNeill said. "So now we've got to get back to the basics and coach them up and make sure that we dot our i's and cross our t's.

"If we don't get ahead of ourselves, I think we'll be OK. It may be a slow process, but I know we'll cover all of our bases if we do it that way."

I sincerely appreciate Coach McNeill's attitude. He's not giving up on his players, it's obvious that he still believes in them and these kids need to be pumped up a little bit.

DMN's Brandon George previews today's game and thinks the defense will give up 17.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Hat-tip to MavsMoneyball, former Red Raider Darvin Ham has been invited to the Dallas Mavericks' training camp. Ham is best known for his time at Texas Tech for being a part of some really good teams, and this: