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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-22-2007: Game Day Edition

DTN News:

Lots of news and previews this morning, it's game day and I'm ready for the first real challenge of the year. It sounds strange to say that about a 1-2 team, but it's the first conference game and OSU can still run the hell out of the ball. It should be interesting.

Meet back here for the game day thread at kick-off.

Official DTN high school team, St. Mike's, tore into Johnson City, 41-6. Glad to see there was no let down after last week's loss to Lago Vista. Good work. Up next, Hyde Park Baptist.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has his game preview and it sounds like Coach Leach is ready for whatever OSU throws out:

"The last three games, teams have come after us, probably more than is characteristic of them - although Rice kind of liked to blitz going in," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "Are there going to be variations to defense? I'm sure there (will be). Is it going to be centered around Crabtree? Maybe. If it is, then you just throw to all the other guys."

Read the whole thing, it's worth your time. Jeff Walker features OSU quarterback turned safety turned linebacker, Donovan Woods.

In this week's Tale of the Tape, the staff gives the edge to Texas Tech in all but 1 category, special teams.

Finally from the LAJ, the Three Keys to Victory, from the Texas Tech perspective, focuses on Harrell's ability to deal with the crowd, the defense stopping OSU early, and Crabtree and the rest of the receivers exploiting the OSU secondary. From an OSU perspective, they must get behind Zac Robinson, get the ball to Bowman, and force turnovers.

Kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider. Summary of the Insider: the effect of the clock rule changes, offense and defense combined 3rd down efficiency (interesting stuff), Texas Tech's ability to shut out opponents in the 2nd half, and a ton of other stuff.

In the SAEN's Big 12 Capsules, Griffin thinks Texas Tech sqeaks by.

DMN's Brandon George has his game preview and is predicting a Texas Tech victory. George thinks the key is Harrell continuing to carve up defenses and beating the blitz.

George also has a lengthy and well-written article on the comparisons between Michael Crabtree and Adarius Bowman. Here's George and Harrell on the play of Crabtree:

So far, Crabtree has measured up well against the competition, but he hasn't faced the talent, size and speed he'll see in Big 12 defenses.

Harrell said opponents haven't altered their coverage for Crabtree yet, playing him mostly man-to-man. Harrell said he expects that to change eventually.

"I would think teams would start double-teaming him or doing something," Harrell said. "But if they don't, he'll continue to put up big numbers."

Finally from George, he notes the contradiction of OSU's preseason claim that they were the World's Greatest Offense and the current state of the two teams. Captain Leach on the challenge:

"I think it probably is, so it makes for an exciting challenge for our guys," Leach said. "We've been working on our skills and we want to see how we measure up to the greatest offense in the world."

Excellent article from The Oklahoman's Jenni Carlson on OSU's quarterback Bobby Reid and why he may no longer be the starter.