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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-21-2007

DTN News:

The DTN preview is below today's news and notes. My little sports world is dominated by the Aggies' loss to the Hurricanes which means that Coach Fran might get fired, which means that the Aggies might actually find a coach who can win. I like the current Aggie ineptness.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes this morning about the Texas Tech defense that gets off to a slow start, but plays well in the second half. Coach Setencich on the inconsistent play of the defense:

"Whenever you get some inconsistencies, you're never pleased with that," he said. "You try to get them focused and get them concentrated so each guy does his assignment or his job to the best of his ability on each play, and that's a long process."

He's saying the right things, but I still think the scheme last week was to outscore Rice and not challenge the Owls defensively. I thought this last quote from Setencich was interesting and disturbing, all at the same time:

"There are not a whole lot of halftime adjustments in football," he said. "There are very few. We don't change our offense at halftime. Barry Switzer didn't change the wishbone at halftime. There may be small things that you do, but it's a mentality -- how focused can they get?"

I just don't believe that. I don't think that anyone is asking if a team is going to go from the spread offense to a wishbone attack, but to say that there are few adjustments at halftime just doesn't seem believable. So that means that coaches don't adjust to the opponents tendencies in the first half, perhaps noticing a weakness and blitzing on a particular offensive package, or exploiting an opposing defense's zone coverage. I just can't believe that.

The DT has a number of articles this morning, including a feature on OSU wide receiver Adarius Bowman . . . a Big 12 Preview, which seems more like a review . . . a preview on the Texas Tech and Oklahoma State matchup.

In OSU news, the Cowboys will have to shuffle their offensive line due to the injury to 3 year starting center, David Washington. This could greatly affect OSU's ability to rush the ball . . . the OSU Notebook details the OSU crowd situation (again), Texas Tech's still inconsistent play and it looks like the the Cowboys are looking to get pressure on Harrell as sacking him has been difficult this year.