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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-20-2007

DTN News:

I had a craptacular day yesterday so I worked very little last night and to top it off, there's very little news out there today. I finished a majority of the Texas Tech and OSU preview the night before last and I'll post it tonight or tomorrow morning. Despite my bad day, the guys at Disco Tech! made me laugh.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Jeff Walker notes that both Michael Crabtree and OSU's Adarius Bowman both had to sit out a year. At the end of the article, Walker has a quote from Harrell on the team's philosophy on Crabtree heading into conference play:

"He's had some really big numbers and some really big yards and I would have to think that teams are going to have to start double teaming or doing something," Harrell said. "If they don't, he'll continue to put up big numbers and even if they do, he's still going to get the ball some."

I think it's important that the team and especially Harrell and Crabtree are mindful of the impending double-teams on Crabtree. It's not a question of if, but when and Harrell will be the one responsible for recognizing those double-teams. Saturday's game might tell us quite a bit about how teams plan on trying to stop the Harrell-Crabtree connection.

FWST's Dwain Price features senior cornerback Chris Parker as he recalls that Parker was instrumental in last year's win against OSU. Coach Leach on Parker:

"We play a lot of combo coverages, so there aren't as many individual matchups as far as we go," Leach said. "But I think Chris is kind of one of the cornerstones of our secondary.

"I think he's one of our leaders on our team. He's a guy that really does a good job of leading by example -- a guy you can count on in the course of a game -- and I think that's rubbed off on some of the other players."

Price rightfully thinks that Parker's coverage on the aforementioned Bowman will be key to a Red Raider victory.

In OSU news, OSU's defensive coordinator Tim Beckman believes that the key to defending Texas Tech is mixing up coverage and blitz packages . . . even the folks in Stillwater are talking about Crabtree and the defensive coordinator thinks there are comparisons between Texas Tech and Troy:

"There are an awful lot of similarities between (Tech) and Troy in the passing game," OSU defensive coordinator Tim Beckman said. "I'm sure they're looking at that Troy tape thinking there are a lot of things they can do."

Is it just me or do you guys get the feeling that the Cowboys are just a little full of themselves? Do you read that and think that they're thinking, "Well, we did give up a ton of yards to Troy, but we'll be ready Texas Tech."

College and Big 12 Football:

Go read FWST's Wendell Barnhouse's College Football Insider: Notes, quotes and anecdotes . . . FWST's Jimmy Burch is predicting a Texas Tech victory in his Big 12 Insider . . .