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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-18-2007

DTN News:

Hot damn, I'm finally excited about a game that means something. The Cowboys loom on Saturday and I can't wait. The Red Raiders are starting to garner a little national interest with the outstanding play of Harrell and Crabtree, now it's a matter of not letting up and for everyone to do your job.

There's lots of news out there today, so lets' get to it.

Texas Tech Football:

Last night on there was a story about how Colby Whitlock is expected to start on Saturday and now that story isn't on the website. There were even quotes. I had a little write up last night and despite having reservations about deleting what I wrote, I'm going to continue on. Here's what I wrote last night:

LAJ's Don Willilams is reporting that freshman defensive tackle Colby Whitlock is goig to start on Saturday. Williams noted that Whitlock was a part of 36 snaps on Saturday, which was split evenly with Richard Jones who also had 36. Defensive tackles coach Ruffin McNeill had this to say about Whitlock:
"Colby's played well," McNeill said. "He plays hard. He's very aggressive. He's further along than most freshmen we've had here. I'm going to give him a shot to start this week and hope he continues to keep developing. He plays hard and provides energy up front for us. Colby's earned his spot there."

I wrote this about Whitlock Sunday after Saturdays' game against Rice:

Colby Whitlock was all over the place and although they only credit him for 2 tackles, I swear he was in on at least 2 sacks, and he's only a freshman.

It's interesting to note that Setencich is starting to mix and match some of his veterans with some of the younger kids. Hill is playing alongside Brian Duncan and Victor Hunter, while Marlon Williams is starting with Tillman and P. Williams. Now we've got Henley and Whitlock as a first team unit and Richard Jones and Stoffels as part of the 2nd team unit.

In the midst of playing Oklahoma State, who many has guessed would be the opponent should a game be played in Dallas, Don Williams confirms that Gerald Myers had another conversation with Cotton Bowl officials on August 30th. Don Williams quoted Myers on his conversation with said officials:

Myers said the conversation with Schenkel, McKoy and Scovell involved "no hostilities toward the Cowboys or anything like that."

"They were just real positive about a game at the state fair," Myers said. "They emphasized how important it would be to the fans and how much they would enjoy going to the state fair along with the game."

Asked where he wanted the discussions to lead, Myers said, "It's something I couldn't say. Both groups have been great. They both have a good rationale. A decision hasn't been made, so I'd rather not say."

DMN's College Sports Blog reminds us not to forget about Harrell and the rabid OSU fans:

"It's always a tough place to play because they have the fans sitting right on top of you," Harrell said. "Most of them are usually, I don't know, probably drunk, but just crazy and screaming at you and all over you. It's a hostile environment."

FWST's Dwain Price has his Texas Tech Football Notes, where he takes us back two years to a similar situation:

Two years ago the red-hot Red Raiders rolled into Stillwater owning an impressive 8-1 record. They also had pounded Texas A&M the previous week 56-17. OSU limped into the game with a 3-5 record and on a five-game losing streak. The five losses came via an average of 25.2 points per game.

But the Cowboys manufactured enough big plays to upset the Red Raiders 24-17. It was the only Big 12 game OSU won that season.

Price also notes that Coach Leach thinks that Harrell is becoming a real leader:

"He's a real driven guy," Leach said. "He works real hard no matter who's around to begin with.

"The other thing is he's smart -- he knows what's important. His dad's the head football coach in Ennis, so he grew up with a good knowledge of this stuff."

Hat-tip to DTN reader Ayleein, where's Pete Fiutak thinks that Harrell should be a part of the Heisman conversation and it's just silly that he's not included in the conversation. I mentioned before that until the Heisman folks start recognizing outstanding players, not just outstanding players from the best teams, then the definition of what the Heisman trophy means needs to change.

Don Williams is also reporting that offensive lineman Deveric Gallington from Richland Hills has committed to Texas Tech. Gallington had offers from Oklahoma State, Washington State, New Mexico, SMU, TCU, Purdue, Iowa State, Utah and La. Tech as well as visits with Arizona, Florida and Alabama.

Texas Tech Basketball:

I saw the story late on Friday, but didn't want this news to get lost in the shuffle of a game day. Coach Knight received his second commitment, nabbing 6' 9", 250 pounds, Robert Lewandowski. Lewandowski is from Blue Valley West High School in Kansas and says here he averaged 14 points and 10 boards a game.

I'll have to start the DTN recruiting board for basketball one night this week.