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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 09-17-2007

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams takes on this morning those OSU Cowboys who appear to be a team ripe for a loss. Don opens his article with the following:

Not so long ago, the fourth Saturday in September didn't look like a good time to catch Oklahoma State, which had most of its ducks in a row.

Now that the fourth Saturday in September is nearly here, Texas Tech could catch OSU in disarray. The Cowboys have lost their rudder of a running back, benched a 20-game starter at quarterback and have their third-year starting center hurt.

The funny thing is that all of those things are true, but Don doesn't even initially mention the 562 yards of offense they gave up to Troy. Surely that bodes well for our Red Raiders. I digress. Don delves into an interesting quarterback situation at OSU:

"Zac practiced better this week," Gundy told the newspaper said after the loss to Troy. "We felt Zac was the best guy for the job. ... After we watched the tape, we felt he performed better."

Interesting. Last year, Robinson rushed for 13 yards on 2 carries and completed 2 of 3 passes for 19 yards against Texas Tech. This change makes this game all more intriguing. Don also mentions that the Cowboy's starting center fractured his leg against Troy and a number of their stable of runningbacks is also injured.

SAEN's Tim Griffin's writes about how Texas Tech has answered all of it's offensive question marks (inexperience offensive line and receivers).

DMN's Chip Brown notes that Texas A&M's game against Miami and OSU's game against Texas Tech, could define both of these teams' seasons. Brown had this on one of the reasons why Reid may still be benched:

Based on television shots of Reid laughing on the sideline late in Friday's loss, perhaps the Cowboys will get better leadership from Robinson, who suffered two interceptions and lost a fumble.

Now, Gundy has to hope his team doesn't fracture over the quarterback change. OSU can't afford controversy with its Big 12 season starting Saturday at home against Texas Tech. The home team has won each of the last five in the series. The reputation of Gundy, a third-year head coach seeking his first winning record in Big 12 play, is also on the line.

NewsOK's Mike Baldwin delves into the differences between Robinson and Reid and writes about what it would mean for this OSU team to notch a win against our Red Raiders.

Big 12 Football:

The DMN and the SAEN both both go around the Big 12.